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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC is Having Problems on PS4

Out of the three Fallout 4 DLC packs that Bethesda had announced a few months ago, it was the Far Harbor expansion that had caught the attention of most fans. Touted as the largest expansion planned for Fallout 4, would-be players were so eager to play the Far Harbor DLC that upon its release just yesterday, one gamer diligently proved that the map is so big that it will take 30 minutes to walk across. But while this one user could do it in 30 minutes, several PS4 players would be lucky to get through a quarter of the map in the same amount of time.

Just hours after the launch of Far Harbor, a Reddit thread was started about the game’s performance on the PS4, and many players were vocally reporting some serious frame rate and performance problems. Some gamers noted that the frame rate dips below 20 FPS for a good portion of the new Far Harbor landmass, which is far from the “solid 30 FPS” that Bethesda had promised of the Fallout 4 base game.

The main culprit for this dip in performance for PS4 players appears to be the game’s radioactive fog, which is unique to the Far Harbor expansion. Since this fog is a key aesthetic feature and plot point of Far Harbor, simply removing it isn’t an option in order to solve these performance-based issues.

While the frame rate problem appears to have primarily affected PS4 users, a small number of PC gamers have reported some similar performance issues, though this of course could be attributed to the specs of the PC being used. Interestingly, plenty of Xbox One players have reported no such problems, which suggests that the issue is merely a PlayStation-only bug and not a fundamental issue with the Far Harbor DLC across all platforms.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a Bethesda title has had issues on a Sony console, as Skyrim famously had some serious frame rate problems that were related to players’ save files. Meanwhile, the company’s games have had a long history of having performance issues and widespread bugs upon launch. Indeed, the core game itself suffered from a potentially game-breaking bug when it was initially released.

Hopefully, Bethesda can come up with a timely solution this time around, and those PS4 fans affected won’t be so discouraged that even the promise of 20 hours of additional content will not be enough to convince them to stick with the Far Harbor DLC.

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