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Destiny Tier 12 Builds for Warlock, Titans & Hunters Guide

Here's a guide on the recommended builds for your Warlock, Titan or Hunter at Tier 12 in Destiny.

If you rather want to read than watch, then here's the text version of the guide.

What is Tier 12 It's a "destiny term" for your INT/DSC/STR output. 2 max tiers of 5 plus your third (and weakest) tier at 2. There are several versions of Tier 12 but all of them mean the same. In this case it would be

  • 5+5+2
  • 5+2+5
  • 2+5+5

(INT/DSC/STR respectively --- and yea, there's 5/4/3 too, but thats far more common than the rest)

One thing to note first, though. [IN MY OPINION] DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PERFECT PERKS ON ALL YOUR GEAR! This will just hinder you more than help you. If you are more worried about having the best perks on all your gear. If you are a person that wants perfect perk gear, you should probably focus on that. Because the chances of you getting Tier 12 AND having the perks you want on all your gears will be horrifically low. Getting the right gear stats from drops is hard enough. Getting that AND a perk you want specifically is like asking Rahul to not decrypt you a blue from a legendary engram in Vanilla destiny. Yeah, that hard.

Here are some of the recommended builds for your character:

Tier 12 Warlock (5/5/2 Build)

Helmet - Desolate Veil
Obtained through -Sterling Treasure
42 INT / 65 STR
Gloves - The Impossible Machines (Exotic) / Grasps of Ur
Obtained Through - Exotic Engram / Kings Fall Raid
39 DSC / 55 STR and 40 DSC / 57 STR
Chest Plate - Chasm of Yuul
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid
59 INT / 86 DSC
Boots - Blindsight Boots
Obtained Through - Trials of Osiris
53 INT / 79 DSC
Class Item - Omnigul Bond
Obtained through - Will of Crota Strike
35 INT / 25 DSC
Artifact - Numinous Web
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid
80 INT / 50 DSC
Ghost - Consumed Shell
Obtained through - Challenge of Elders
35 INT / 25 DSC

Tier 12 Titan (5/5/2 Build)

Helmet - Speaktar Infinite Helm
Obtained through - Future War Cult Package
42 DSC / 65 STR
Gloves - Gauntlets of the Pariah
Obtained through - Trials of Osiris Lighthouse
39 DSC / 56 STR
Chest Plate - Twilight Garrison / Crest of Alpha Lupi
Obtained through - Exotic Engram
84 INT / 61 DSC and 86 INT / 61 DSC
Boots - Harrowed War Numen's Boots
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid (Hard)
79 INT / 51 DSC
Class Item - Wolfswood Mark
Obtained through - Iron Banner
35 INT / 25 DSC
Artifact - Wei Ning's Cong
Obtained through - Court of Oryx
79 INT / 50 DSC
Ghost - Dread Explorer Shell / Kingslayer Shell
Obtained Through - Dead Orbit Story Quest / Kings Fall Raid
25 INT / 35 DSC and 24 INT / 35 DSC

Tier 12 Hunter (2/5/5 Build)

Helmet - Harrowed Darkhallow Mask
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid (Hard)
45 DSC / 63 STR
Gloves - Wnged Sun Sleeves
Obtained through - Trials of Osiris
40 DSC / 56 STR
Chest Plate - Harrowed Darkhallow Chiton
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid
85 INT / 61 STR
Boots - Kallipolis Boots
Obtained through - Legendary Engram
76 DSC / 52 STR
Class Item - Arc Flayer Mantle
Obtained through - Dust Palace Strike
24 DSC / 33 STR
Artifact - Jasper Carcanet
Obtained through - Court of Oryx
36 INT / 92 DSC
Ghost - Kingslayer Shell
Obtained through - Kings Fall Raid
25 DSC / 35 STR

What is required to obtain Tier 12? First you must decide on what build you want to be with whatever class and subclass you choose. Then you will need to obtain a gear to fill a certain statistic in order to fill out the 300/300/120 goal.

First off, if you haven't already, get the tower ghost app, as far as i know it's accessable on mobile and web browsers like firefox. Not only is this a great app to handle your vault but if you hover over your gear, it will inform you what the max possible stats are and whether or not your gear is bad, good or what i like to call "god tier"

Now, if for whatever reason you cannot get tower ghost, here are the maximum stats each piece of gear can obtain. (This is your total number for your gear piece when you combine it's lowest stat plus the highest stat so if your gear says 55/78 INT and 53/76 DSC that means you would add 55+76 or 53+78, the result in both would be 131, thats how all your gears will work)

  • Helmet - 111 (100~ is very good, 104+ is god Tier)
  • Gloves - 99 (90~ is very good, 94+ is God Tier)
  • Chest - 147 (130~ is very good, 140~ is God Tier)
  • Boots - 135 (120~ is very good, 127~ is God Tier)

Ghost / Class Item - 60 (33/23 or better is God Tier however, I highly suggest getting perfect rolls on these with 35/25)

Artifact - 131 (115~ is very good, 120+ is God Tier, Much like the ghost and class item, it's highly suggested that hunting for god tier range on this because artifacts are the only item that can break a 90 point barrier for one stat without the item being crap)

Now, this DOES NOT mean you must have nothing but god tier gear in order to reach the goal, these are just simply the max rolls=. The issue is no 2 gear pieces are the same so you will need to mess around with the numbers on each and do the math to figure out a proper balance. For example, if you have a chest plate that is 137 total (Lets say, 59+78) that is still in the good range and is very much useable. If your chest piece breaks 140+ it's in "god tier" territory at this point. Apply this to all gear pieces with their respective numbers EXCEPT for ghost and class items.


1) Never take your legendary engrams for granted While they may decrypt into low stat items, this does not mean they are just that. Their stat output is dependant on what light level the gear is. This means that if you decrypt a engram and it comes out 280-300~ the stats will come out much lower than a 335 drop that you would get from a end game activity. For this reason, Always make sure you look over your decrypted items before you carelessly dismantle them for 3 marks. Tower ghost can assist you with this or you can just make an educated guess if the item would live up to good stats or not should you make it 335.

2) The vanguard and faction vendors DO sell god-tier level gear. Not all of them are like this and most of them are all different stat variations (like INT+STR but you may need INT/DSC for a specific gear) So keep this in mind before you drop a ton of marks on a certain vendor gear for your goal. 

3) Stack up on glass needles! You may end up being unlucky and being stuck with that one gear piece that is too low for your to reach the goal. This is where glass needles come in. Assuming the gear piece is part of your armor and not ghost/class/artifact, take an exotic version of your weak gear piece and use glass needles on it until you roll the proper numbers you need for said gear to maximize your stats. Just note that some exotics cannot roll into certain stat categories (like graviton forfeit cannot be DSC/STR)

4) Keep additional raid/trials/prison and iron banner drops whether they are your desired stats or not. There are several reasons for this. You could need it for a second character, you may want to switch to a new variation of Tier 12 or to a different subclass. Or if it's not any of the above, just simply keep it for the fact that it may be at max light level. You can then use this "extra" gear as a tool to infuse into any other new gear you obtain and wish to test to see its max statistics since all infusion now is 1-for-1. If you don't like the result you get then its not a problem, just vault your newly infused gear and wait to infuse it into your next new piece. Rinse and repeat.

5) My own personal suggestion for you to reach a Tier 12 character would have to be, if possible, use only 2 gear pieces to max out your weakest stat. For example, you want to keep your STR at tier 2. So if possible, try using 2 gear pieces to get your strength to 120 and then you are able to focus all other gear towards your Tier 5 INT and DSC. In my case i used my helmet and glovees to achieve over 120 STR and then focused the rest to get over 300/300 INT and DSC.

This is however NOT the only way to get to Tier 12. The above is just the easiest breakdown from my personal experience.

6) You may come across several pieces of god tier items for the same gear space (like 2 helmets) DO NOT just choose one and then get rid of the other. Like i mentioned above, no 2 items are the same and this may play a critical role in your build. Let's say helmet 1 has 45/62 as it's stats but Helmet 2 has 42/65. Both helmets shame the same 2 categories and both are the same number in total but they are not the same item. In the end, you might just be one, or two or even three points short of tier 12 and this is where such a problem may be solved by keeping duplicate items such as my above example.

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Credits: Destiny Tier 12 Builds for Warlock, Titans & Hunters Guide by NYR Bure10