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Destiny: There Could be a New Secret Area in The Lighthouse

There could be a possible secret area in The Lighthouse that could lead to something or can open up opportunity for Guardians!

Original found on Destiny's subreddit r/raidsecrets, there has been rumors on Destiny community that there's a mysterious big door with blue barrier in The Lighthouse which could possibly be opened. You can find it in the middle right behind that fire thingy. If you can't find it, just see the screenshots below:

Just by looking at the area, it looks like the door can be possibly opened using the plate in front of the gate (which will basically remind you of the one in King's Fall raid). It appears that you need to activate the plates in a particular order, so that the door would open and POSSIBLY reveal a hidden chest.

In addition, it appears that these plates have this weird thing which basically looks like a button:

Also if you explore the Lighthouse even more, you'll notice that there are other plates in the area.

One is under the ship:

And the other one is under the chest:

Now if you can remember, there's a Grimoire Card which could be referring to this plates. If you can remember Grimoire Card (VISION 47) saying something like: 
"The first comes in a shadow. A window becomes a door. An ebb becomes a gulf. The second comes in bones. Tithes offering feasts, carrying laws. A path torn, minds shattered. The third does not come alone. It cannot. Our truths woven into their being, desires beyond our own. The first needs the second to fail, the third needs the first to >succeed. The second will never cease, yet the first always prevails. The >third is born of all outcomes. Unless, all ends flow from the same pit. "
So how is this relevant to the plates? It could be saying something to activate the plate and open up that big blue door!

The 1st line in the Grimoire card reads "The first comes in a shadow" which may hint us on one of the plates, hidden in the shadow right underneath the ship(as you can see on the picture above referring to the plate underneath the ship). The 2nd and 3rd lines have these words ( window, door, gulf and ebb), that refers to the space around the chest, or at least something resembling these words. While the 4th line, requires a gear with Ahamkara's bone? (hmm maybe). Lastly, the 5th and 6th line could possibly refer to your journey through the Trials leading to The Lighthouse? 

Now there are more proof that the Grimoire and the plates are interconnected. If you will notice the Grimoire Card, it's picture was taken in The Lighthouse standing over one plate, looking at an angle where all plates lay in front whomever had these visions. See the pictures below for comparison:

Seems pretty related right?

Lastly, some Guardians has glitched their way to the area behind that blue barrier and finds out that it's protected with some sort of invisible walls and if you can go up to the already known glitch left to the door, you can spot a huge visible structure behind it. Check out the video below to see what we are trying to tell you:

Also, some guardians said that they hear some kind of audio cues while trying to activate the plate which might tell that you could have done a possible thing or two to finally unlock the door.

For now, those are all the clues about these mysterious door in The Lighthouse. If you do have something to add-on, then you can join the discussion here.

Update: It appears that the plates are now called Alpha Lupi cylinders. And actually, there are four of them on the lighthouse.

The fourth Alpha Lupi symbol is actually the bottom floor of the chest room. You can see it clearly if you glitch out of the map. It's also undoubtedly the largest Alpha Lupi symbol in the game.

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Source: r/raidsecrets