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Darkzone Solo PvP Skillpower Build in Tom Clancy's: The Division

This is a Skillpower build designed primarily for solo PvP in the Darkzone. It's a build focus on DPS/SP hybrid. The approximate stats you should look for are 200k DPS, 60k Health, and 45k Skillpower. 

This is very achievable without min/max'ing or exploiting. You will need to beat the Incursion on Challenging a few times to get there though. You maybe have better gear and therefore create an even stronger build, but the ideal stats would be 220k DPS, 75k Health, and 45k Skillpower. 

Before we move on, here's some videos of the build in action. In the videos below, pay close attention to movement, skills used, and active buffs.

1v4 PvP in DZ2. Opponents were GS200+. One was DZ rank 99.

3v5 PvP in DZ4.

4v? PvP in DZ5. Two groups of rogues working together. Note how much damage I'm tanking when the fight begins.

1v4 PvP in DZ5.

4v4 PvP in DZ6.

Solo farming DZ6, Q Building.

Solo farming DZ6, The Pit.

The effectiveness of this build:

When all buffs are active, it is much more powerful individually than any PvP build. DPS goes well above 300k and you are unkillable for the most part (again, while buffs are active).

In addition to being powerful solo, this build makes all of your groups members even more powerful than you. Some people get 550k DPS just by sitting in my Smart Cover and having my pulse active. And because group members always have more than 60k Health, they are much more tanky.

In order to win fights you need to do more than that move around quickly and hip fire while popping the occasional heal. Timing and positioning are essential. My first week with this build was just terrible. It took me some time to get into a rhythm with smart cover, pulse, and my other talents.

The build is equally useful for PvP, PvE, and also doing Incursion on Challenging. For the Incursion all you need to change is the type of Smart Cover you use. Everything else stays the same.

No one sees it coming. When fighting a 4v1, players often hold their signature skill and use of special ammo because they don't want to waste against 1 player. This gives me a chance to take down two until they realize this is a real fight.

Finally let's take a look at some of the key points of the build and go into some detail.

Skills: Pulse and Smart Cover

Using pulse will cap critical chance and critical damage for you and your group. This makes your and your group's damage output completely insane! The cooldown on your skills will be very low so your pulse should be up continuously with very small gaps in between.

Smart Cover is what makes this build possible in PvP. Damage resistance is nearly 75%. This is very close to what you get from using Survival Link! Damage buff is 40% which makes using an M1A from Smart Cover very very effective. Snipers in our group are regularly dealing over 2 million damage per bullet on NPCs while in Smart Cover.

On the tactical side, movement around Smart Cover is the hardest to master in PvP. Your opponents will move around very quickly and make it difficult for you to shoot them from a fixed position. 

Luckily, Smart Cover effects will be active for 5 seconds after leaving the cover. This allows you to build a rhythm in PvP: touch and go. Touch the smart cover, fight for a bit, retreat to smart cover, touch smart cover, fight, and repeat.

Most people use the heal skill for PvP. You can't which means you need to rely on medkits. This is where your talents come in!

Non-weapon talents

Critical Save will provide 40% damage resistance if you use a medkit at low health. Combined with your Smart Cover, this is what allows you to escape hairy situations. Often times opponents will shoot me to low health and then watch as I absorb every single bullet afterward. It's pretty great.

Adrenaline will provide an overheal when you use your medkit. Very necessary since you do not have the heal skill to do it for you.

Tech Support will extend the time of your skills when killing an enemy. When you're farming NPCs (or killing players), this will extend the time of your pulse and smart cover indefinitely until everyone is dead! There is a caveat for pulse though: the pulse will only extend as long as initially pulsed enemies are alive. If someone new enters the pulse region then the pulse will start cooling down after the initially pulsed enemies die.

Weapons & Weapon Talents

You'll notice that this build will almost always unlock every weapon talent. You have just enough stats in every category to do it. There have been some stamina required talents.

Predatory on your SMG. This weapon talent is much more effective than Self-Preserved. This talent allows me to get back up after getting downed! Predatory will regenerate 13% of my health over 5 seconds. If you're killed within those 5 seconds, your character will stand right back up from being downed. Often times you will go down before having a chance to pop Survival Link. As soon as you get back up, pop Survival Link and retreat to my Smart Cover. Also, getting health back over a period of time is superior to getting it back when you deal a critical hit in the middle of a fight (Self-Preserved does this).

Skilled on your M1A. Your Survival Link will return much faster than normal already. Skilled allows you to have your Survival Link ready before every single fight! It often only takes 2-3 headshot kills on NPCs to have my Survival Link back to full. You can even run with a GS163 SOCOM M1A because the talent is so useful. This is more recommended than of a GS204 M1A with Deadly and Toxic... just for Skilled.

And last but not the least, for those who will ask if this build suits attacking players, then you can watch the video below:

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Credits: Skillpower PvP Build Guide (with video examples) by magicmethod