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Dark Souls 3 Will Be The Last Dark Souls Game as FromSoftware Focuses on New IP

Dark Souls III has been on store shelves for a little over two weeks, received rave reviews with the averages on all three platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC) north of 86%, and three sets of DLC expansion packs are expected later this year and into next. And yet, the question is already being asked as to whether there will be a Dark Souls IV?

Financially it makes a lot of sense to make that game, but developer FromSoftware has no intention of doing so. Dark Souls III is the last game in the Dark Souls series. Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware and director of the Dark Souls series, has confirmed in an interview that there is no plan for another game, and even if there were we wouldn’t even see development start for at least 5 years.

Instead, FromSoftware is focused on brand new IP, meaning the potential for a new series of games possibly (and likely) in a different genre. Remember, FromSoftware has been around since 1994 and counts King’s Field, Armored Core, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Enchanted Arms, Otogi, and many more games as part of its history. FromSoftware can turn its hand to any game type, and the decision to focus on new IP should certainly be welcomed by gamers everywhere.

For anyone upset that this is potentially the end of Dark Souls games, just take a step back and remember you already have three solid games to play in the series, alongside Demon Souls and Bloodborne. The last thing anyone wants is for Dark Souls to turn into Call of Duty and having a mediocre games pumped out every year. I’m much more intrigued about what FromSoftware manages to produce next, and whether it will trigger another trilogy of games for us to get excited about.

One last thing: all talk of Demon Souls being remastered and re-released is mute. Hidetaka Miyazaki has said that’s not happening, either.

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