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A New Character Will Be Added to the Overwatch Rooster Soon

A new character might be on its way for joining the Overwatch roster soon. Cyber detectives and some Overwatch fans are hopeful about this and are keeping a keen eye on the hints provided by Blizzard on their videos. They are also gathering all the information about the new character available on the web and piecing them together.

A story about this was covered in detail by NeoGaf, where they compiled a couple of sources which indicates that the new support character named Sombra can come to Overwatch soon.

To start with, they pointed out to a French theater ad which suggested that Sombra will be unveiled for Overwatch soon. Soon after, the theater where the ad was shown later claimed that the tease in the ad was a typo. However NeoGaf user, Nirolak, who compiled the article believes that the theater is lying as Blizzard had already confirmed about working on two new heroes.
Pointing at the second clue Nirolak wrote, “Way back in November, people noticed that there’s a table in Dorado with files for Soldier 76/Jack Morrison and Sombra. Given Soldier 76 is Jack Morrison, this only leaves the mysterious Sombra file, which would fit with a Soldier 76 vs. Sombra animated short.”

Sombra has also made several appearances in various stages. She wears a metal grey helmet which is highlighted by blue, along with a gray over hood and a blue under hood. The grey and blue combination in her outfit is the main reason she is thought to have ties with Soldier 76 and Reaper.

Nirolak also mentioned about Reaper’s dialogue in the game where he says,  “Where is Sombra when you need her?”, which can be another massive hint.

Apart from these, there has also been information that Sombra was seen in the character select screen along with a sniper scope, which is another strong signal that the character might be on its way to Overwatch soon.

There are also speculations that Sombra could well be a villain, who would join the other villains on the game later. Overwatch is already short of villains and this can be a logical speculation, but anything cannot be confirmed until we hear it from Blizzard.

At this point we can certainly say that there’s something or someone called Sombra, which is directly or indirectly related to Overwatch, but it’ll be interesting to find out what Blizzard thinks on this.

We’ll update you as soon as we come across more news on this. Keep a track of this feed.

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Credits: Images by Neogaf