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Why is There No New Daily Mission Again in The Division? Is it Broken?

Ubisoft Massive has missed another day of daily missions in The Division, prompting outrage and confusion from fans online. The studio has yet to comment on the issue.

Agents logging in to The Division yesterday hoping to find a slew of new daily challenges were left disappointed as, not for the first time, the missions failed to rotate. The lack of new daily missions has been confirmed across PC, Xbox One, and PS4, so it looks like gamers will have to sit tight and wait for their dose of new daily challenges in The Division.

Ubisoft Massive was caught slipping on its daily mission rotation a few weeks ago due to a missing files problem server-side, though this week’s gaff doesn’t come courtesy of any known server error. The studio was flexing the righteous banhammer yesterday after promising a massive crackdown on cheaters, and it seems Ubisoft neglected to ensure it paid as much attention to content delivery, too.

Gamers who have been utilizing hacks and exploits may have received a notice from the studio yesterday informing them that Massive is on to their tricks. The studio implemented a new and improved cheat detection system, which doles out 14 day bans for those caught cheating for the first time, and then a much heavier permanent ban for those who continue to cheat after their first suspension.

As it turns out, many network specialists don’t think the recent influx of cheaters across all platforms will slow down anytime soon, as The Division stores data on the client-side of things, which makes it much easier for less virtuous players to modify data and inject their own scripts into the game.

The last time the Ubisoft Massive missed the deadline for its daily mission schedule, the studio compensated fans with 150 Phoenix Credits. So far, there’s no word on if gamers frustrated at the lack of promised scheduled content will receive anything. The official Twitter account for The Division didn’t post any notice for the missed day, although community developer Hamish Bode did mention in a Twitter reply that he couldn’t do the dailies, either.

Despite all the cheating, glitch and exploit-based drama that has surrounded The Division ever since it launched last month, the title broke several sales records and slaughtered the competition when it came to digital revenue. It’s no secret that The Division is a commercial success, but Ubisoft’s track record is getting quite tarnished for a game that is less than two months old.

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