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This New Bug Found in Destiny: The Taken King is a Bit Weird But Awesome!

Well we think Guardians will totally hate when a bug will be discovered in Destiny. There are game-breaking bugs in the past which is really pesky, there are also bugs that made the game feel unchallenging. And with all these, we know you don't wanna know or encounter another bug..

But hear us out first. This bug...which was discovered and shared by a redditor named canis_dingo is somehow awesome and you'll definitely want to try it out yourself. So are you ready to see it for yourself? Check out the photo below:

So what did you notice? Yes! That guy is in Third-person! How does he do it? Just see for yourself below:
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Stormtrance exactly when tethered! 

Canis_dingo noted that this bug was on Crucible and, it lasted the whole match. Very early on in the game he got tethered probably within the same frame that he popped his Emperor Palpatine Super. So probably, this was only tested on PvP match. We still don't know if this can be recreated also in PvE, but i can't think of any PvE enemies which can cancel a super. It'd also take some seriously lucky timing, i assume.

On another note, this needs to be a feature. It'd completely change the way the game is played and would give us more reasons to play. I'd love to go through the entire game again in third person. I did the same when GTA V released first person.

Lastly, we still don't know yet if Bungie is aware of this but don't you think it's kinda cool to make see your Guardian in Third-Person perspective? It's kind of like The Division...LOL

So now, try it out yourself!

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