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The Pro PvP Build in Tom Clancy's: The Division Guide (200K+ DPS, 100K HP, 19K SP)

This build will give you:
  • 222k DPS , 100k health , 19k SP
  • 65% armor
  • All dmg resilience 10%
  • 27% exodic dmg resil

Main Stats:

Defense Stats:






Knee Pads:


Key Facts on this build
  1. Centered around stamina/armor mods/Exodic dmg resil mods
  2. Centered around 2 set sentry and 2 set tactical (i dont have 4 set sentry with good SP and stats)
  3. Knowing that firearms is the worse dmg scaling attribute in the game
About this Build Stats
  • Skillpower - You can tank three guys with explosion bullets with your heal for 6 seconds . The rule of thumb is to have between 15-20k SP. This will prevent heals from being wasted or heals being too small.
  • Stamina - This stat was very good with the regen mask last patch . But now its not as important. The only purpose to Health is to prevent you from getting 1 shotted. Health gives you the ability to survive and heal and use cooldowns. around 80-100k is the best amount .
  • Armor – broken . 65% dmg reduction capped on bullets
  • Crit/Crit dmg – the reason for high dps with high health. makes your dps very exponential compared to the stat of firearm
  • Headshot dmg – a MUST. Very hard to get HS damage in the game because armor cannot role this. Always get HS dmg . most guns without brutal are thrown away IMO
  • Firearms is the most useless stat in the game- DPS is very linear and does very little - you just need firearm to get brutal on the gun 2400. Try and minimize firearm as much as possible if you are going this solo build
  • Exotic dmg reduction – OP vs explosion bullets and tech . once you get around 40% exodic – you can eat M44 explosion bullets - can roll on chest but need to sac crit dmg for it later on.
Tip on Building
  1. Build around what you get in Falcon . If you get some really good stats on a 240 gear. Use it and build around it
  2. always build around armor. If your chest gives more armor and you got lucky on high base armor items. you can sacrifice armor mods.
Talents and Abilities and How to Use
  1. Abilities - Pulse + overheal first aid + blue ult
  2. Talents - On the move , Critical save , combat medic, strike back (You can remove one is none b/c of the bug)
Cooldown chain in combat 1v4+
  1. Pop overheal and run in and out of circle
  2. Get low last bar + use med kit (strike back talent + critical save talent turns on giving you cd reduction and dmg reduction)
  3. Your first aid should be back up
  4. This gives you at least 25 seconds of survival against people with high dps + explosion bullets .
  5. Use ult when you feel as though ur hp is going down too fast or ur in cooldowns.
About Sentry Set
  • Sentry is better in damage. Reroll your backpack to give you more SP or, roll good SP mods.
  • Sacrificing SP for sentry set is not worth for PVP because the current META in the DZ is that everyone hits like a truck now. The SP is the only difference to keep alive
  • yea i tested sentry 4 piece with my buddies who run that build . they hit for 12k per hs crit to the face and melt me. i only have 100k hp so i will die quick if i eat that many bullets to the face.they can kill me in close to 12-15 bullets which is less than a second with 100k health. This is where over heal comes in . over heal tops me off to 150k health . and i can run in and out of circle . so not only do i survive for more shots topped off 15-18 bullets. i can keep healing while they shoot me and basically come invincible . Basically i can heal 20k+ health per second with my heal up .
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Credits: Guide by dungman