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The Division's Incursion Falcon Lost Loot Farming Explained

We know almost everyone know this but, for the interest of transparency this is an explanation of the loot farm in Falcon Lost. It's not exactly a big secret but people are trying to keep their mouth shut about this and we don't know why. As with other loot exploits, the casuals will suffer the most. This is why it's better that everyone knows it to be fair

Note: None of what is written here is in any way exaggerated. It is all 100% true and tested.

So, let's start...

  • Falcon Lost mission on Challenging.
Estimated time:
  • 30 minutes the first few times.
  • 20 minutes or less once you get efficient.
Rewards per run:
  • 40 phoenix credits.
  • One gear set item with a gear score of 240.
  • One gear set item with a gear score of 214.
  • Various other drops (eg: crappy high-end, etc)
  • Four players. You must have four people for this to be efficient.
  • Each player must have at least 36,000 skill power. Nothing else matters.
How to do it:
  1. At the start of the mission, bypass the NPCs in the tunnels. Simply use your Survival Link to get through. If someone goes down it's okay because they'll respawn once you enter the main arena. As long as one person makes it through you're fine.
  2. After rappelling up the rope you will see a set of double doors. These doors will be your entrance to the arena. STOP once you enter these doors. Opening the doors will respawn your dead teammates if there are any.
  3. Now that you've entered the doors, you must glitch through the walls. DO NOT trigger the part where the APC blows up the wall because that will trigger the first wave. There is a new way to glitch through walls using a mobile cover. Hint: It's the same way you do it at the Police Academy post-patch.
  4. Once every team member has glitched through the wall, you will enter the arena. None of the NPCs will shoot you. The APC also will not shoot you. Nothing at all will shoot you even if it's there.
  5. Run the APC at the back of the arena and blow it up with sticky bombs. This will take 20-30 minutes (or less!) depending on how efficient your team is. There are ways to make cooldowns and such very efficient. The information isn't exactly a secret anyway so you'll figure it out probably.
The big deal:
  1. Right after the APC blows up, everyone will see their gear set items drop. These gear set items are gear score 214.
  2. As soon as you see the items drop, THREE members of the group must exit the game immediately. One member MUST stay behind and wait for the rest to reconnect.
  3. When the three members return, their backpack will contain one gear set item with gear score 240. They will also be rewarded with 40 phoenix credits.
  4. The one member left behind will not receive the phoenix credits or the 240 item. The group should cycle who stays behind on every turn.
  5. All members can now collect the drops left behind near the APC by teleporting to the player left behind.
It doesn't matter if you completed the weekly challenge mode or not. Everyone who exits the game as soon as the loot drops (ALT-F4?) will receive the 240 gear set item AND 40 phoenix credits.

At 20 minutes per run. Bananas. Short, but concise. Now get out of here and farm some loot!

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