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The Division: Yet Another Incursion Falcon Lost Glitch Emerges After Hotfix

So Ubi had hotfixed the loot farming method that agents had been doing on the first Incursion which is Falcon Lost. But right after resolving this issue, here comes another one!

Agents have found yet another glitch on Falcon Lost! Redditor Chaz630 had shared yet another glitch on Falcon Lost that will let you kill the APC automatically and declare 15/15 wave complete without any fighting!
  1. Go to the incursion, whatever difficulty you want. Get up to the first double doors at the top of the rope, and open them. DON'T. Go. In.
  2. Run back down to the ladder, and put a mobile cover at the top near the edge of the platform (so you can see it from the bottom of the ladder)
  3. Go down the ladder, and check the walls for places you can go to cover. There should be a few. Get in one, and look at your mobile cover. Hold down the move to another piece of cover button until your character jumps on the ladder, this is when you let go.
  4. Don't move once you get on the ladder, instead take out your pistol and start spam shooting/reloading it until you run out of ammo in your clip. This may seem weird, but it is a necessary part.
  5. Once that is done, hit your [Climb Up Ladder] button and your [Sprint] button at the same time and hold them down. I'm on PC, so that would be holding W + Shift.
  6. Once your character reaches the top of the ladder, instead of getting off as usual he will continue the climb an invisible ladder to heaven, and you will end up out of the map!
  7. Look for a massive grey box, that is the incursion area. Circle around it a bit until you can get as close to the APC as possible (should be an orange diamond).
  8. Shoot stickies at the orange diamond. You are hitting the APC if you see little blue damage numbers coming off of it.
  9. Once you kill it, simply fast travel to the start of the incursion and run back to the exploded APC for your loot!
  10. Rinse and repeat
If you prefer to watch it in live action, then see the video below:

Well the main story about here not this new found glitch. The thing is, if The Division keeps getting glitches like this, then probably this could end up to a messy future for this game. 

As of now, Ubi states that they'll be fixing any issue about the game and, they'll be punishing all those agents who had cheated on the game. However, we think that this is not the solution to the problem at all.

Think of this, let's be honest, we tried every glitch in the game and we know that some of you did it too. So, Ubi will punish all of these agents (including us), then they'll end up losing tons of players in the game. Players will be players and, curiosity will often get them to trying out something that has been done by many. "There will be no cheaters if there will be no cheats. There will be no glitchers if there's nothing to glitch" So we think you get the point...

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Source: Reddit