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The Division Possible Dark Zone Missions in Conflict Update 1.2

So we've heard that tons of The Division players are leaving because of all those glitches and, we can't blame them at all. However, we think that this is not the end for The Division. Take note that there are more things, coming to the game and we've just seen the very first pages of the book.

Now to get your interest back in The Division, we'll share to you a possible spoiler for what we believe to be the content of the upcoming patch 1.2 Conflict update for the game. We did not initially discover this info by the way. It's from a redditor named TigerFromTheWind.

In his reddit post titled "Dark Zone Missions", he discovered some possible spoilers for the upcoming Conflict update. As we all know, currently there are 40 deactivated missions labeled for use in the Dark Zone. But after seeing the post about the drone rescue, he figured he'd post what appears to be DZ based objectives.

Right now we've got:
  • Locate and Kill a Leader for each faction
  • Burn Contaminated Supplies at 5 different locations (Sounds Cool)
  • Securing locations (Which sounds a lot like Landmark quest rewards
  • Decipher Signals and Gathering Intel from the LMB
  • Rogue Agent Identification and Elimination (I assume a NPC Rogue Agent. Though this would be awesome if someone in your group was a mole or something
  • Assassinating Named Targets
  • Standard Virus Collections Missions
  • Kill a bunch of mobs of one faction
  • Securing Rooftops
  • A number of other go t this place and kill these guys with different flavors.
He noted that for now, he can't confirm the validity of anything in this post but as the files are already in game, he assumed they'll be use at some point. Conflict is being slated as a new way to experience the Dark Zone and adding quests and objectives would be pretty fun if they can get PvP significantly more balanced.

Another spoiler he added is that "Asher is likely an Initiative Agent". Based on these quests, there will be missions to take down and weaken the "Initiative", a currently unrevealed plot element.")

In addition, he also presented a code location in data dump which reveals some pretty interesting facts about the future of the game. And lastly, he talks about something called the Electric Boogaloo.

Currently Coded Rewards:
                RewardXP "DZ XP curve" 
                RewardCurrency "DZ cred curve" 
                RewardXP "norm XP"
For now, these information are just possibilities. But there's a strong connection between the Conflict update and the things written in here. If these info are valid and are coming to the Conflict update, then we can expect for better things to come in The Division. But of course, before we go to any future updates, let's just hope that the game will be UN-BROKEN SOON!

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Source: Reddit