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The Division: New Bottomless Clip (Unlimited Ammo) Glitch Found!

Everyday is a new day for us and, every is a new glitch for Tom Clancy's: The Division. LOL! Yet another glitch has been found by agents and from what we've heard, it will give you unlimited ammo.

Redditor SwaggadelicBaby reported via reddit that this glitch works by equipping and unequipping the "One is None" talent for about a minute and then aiming for the head. This will then give you near bottomless clip and you can see the demo vids below:

Video demonstration:

Shooting several hundred bullets without losing ammo

Another reddit user confirmed that this glitch does exist. Vekien, the reddit user, pointed out that the effect will seem to stay even when un-equip, but it doesn't 100% work as it eventually looses procs. He also said that after logging out and in, talent stacking, he was able to shoot forever! The only downside is, you loose a lot of stability after shooting that long.

Testing it for a long period of time, he ended up bugging out and not getting any damage benefit after about x2 my mag size:

And lastly, he demoed that this glitch can work in DZ:

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Source: Reddit