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The Division Guide: How to Your Dark Zone Rank from 1 to 99 in Days

So looking for a great way to rank up your character from level 1 to level 99 in Tom Clancy's: The Division? Then look no further as we got the answer on how to rank from 1-99 for just 4-5 days of play.

Yes! We are not exaggerating here...It will only take 4-5 days to level up from level 1 to 99 using this method. If you still don't believe us, then would you if we say that this method is used by the 4th rank player in United States on The Division today?

This ranking method was designed by DreadTheDarkZone, the fourth ranking player in the game at the moment.. For proof, just see the image below:

So if you believe us now, then let us tell you how he became from zero to hero in the Dark Zone.

How he did it? By using the Dark Zone route below:

  • Yellow is underground
  • Red is ground level
  • Blue is heavy encounters
  • Arrows show direction of route as well as the numbers on the encounters
  • The black line is where ONE team member will run to call the extraction
  • The white line with circle is optional
Now the steps:
  1. Begin by calling an extraction
  2. Kill boss and NPC at extraction along with purples that come in because of the extraction. (Remember to kill the sniper that hides in the building)
  3. Run north to the underground and kill the Boss and other NPC.
  4. Stay underground, but run west. Directions are: Left at the last door of the long hall. Right and the end of the small hall. Immediate left after door. Right, down the hall and make a left. Immediately turn right into the first door. Follow the hall and make a left into the subway. (You will come across NPC on the way there, so no time is wasted.)
  5. Kill the Boss and NPC in the Subway.
  6. Run to either of the two north exits. One is on the West and another on the east.
  7. Exit the underground and run to the landmark north of the extraction.
  8. While running towards the landmark, have one team member rush to call an extraction, then rush back to the rest of the team.
  9. Kill the NPC at the landmark.
  10. Kill the boss and NPC at the extraction for they have spawned.
  11. Repeat. If the NPC are not at spot #2, run to the optional landmark on the east side and once cleared run back to spot #2 and they will have spawned.
There are ways in this route to get even more XP and the video below from DreadTheDarkZone himself will explain it better:

Note that in the video, he actually get over 10K XP in the first 5 minutes. That's roughly 2K per minute. Or 120K per hour if done correctly.

Update: Check out below the better view of the Dark Zone Route.

Lastly if you have notice the video above, you'll see him racking up some big number of DPS that's why he's been able to clear those enemies fast and easy. If you're wondering what build he uses, then check back tomorrow and we'll reveal it to you. :)

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Credits: Special thanks to DreadTheDarkZone for sharing this guide and to wrecluse for providing a better view of the DZ route map.