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The Division File Datamined Reveals Loot Drop Rates and more

Data mining is a process where players try to extract patterns and data from the game’s official source files which gives them an idea as to what can be added to this code in the future. Reddit user, Ced23Ric has successfully data mined Tom Clancy’s The Division, and what he found is pretty awesome. However, the user states, “It may be incomplete or inaccurate in some regards, so take it with a grain of salt.”

Let’s get with the details of the breakdown; firstly, it is now clear that the chance for a third item drop from the chest is only 10% and cannot be changed, even with increased scavenging. In addition, increased scavenging only affects the probability of better loot from unnamed bosses.

Moving towards the Falcon Lost Incursion, information about the gear set drops was found. The Incursion’s boss, the APC, can drop gear set backpacks, holsters, and chest armor for all except for the Path of the Nomad gear set. On the other hand, the Church Vendor in the Dark Zone will frequently rotate but the Path of the Nomad’s knee pads and gloves will always be available.

The assault rifle, Caduceus has a 5% chance of dropping from any named boss outside of the Dark Zone (this does not include the APC), while the sub-machine gun, Midas has a 5% chance of dropping in the Dark Zone.

Furthermore, while mining through the game’s source files, Ced23Ric came across plans for weekly assignments till August 1 and the daily missions till May 26. Check out the entire plans for the weekly assignments file here and the daily missions here.

For more findings regarding the source file, check out the official Reddit post here.

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