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Sony Might Launch Xperia M Ultra Soon Which Features a 16-inch Display & a 23 MP Camera

Sony announced a new series on the MWC which took place this February. The new series will go by the name Xperia X and it’ll consist of premium smartphone. However, recent rumors suggest that the company hasn’t given up on their average priced handsets. Apparently, Sony might soon release an all new Xperia M ultra with some amazing specifications under the hood.

The alleged handset will stay true to Sony’s ‘Ultra’ moniker by featuring a 6-inch Full HD resolution display. reportedly the smartphone will come standard with IPS-NEO and WhiteMagic technology which provide a very bright experience to its users, while consuming very low energy. In addition to that, a literally massive 4280 mAh battery will be found under the hood, powering a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 SoC. Keep in mind that Sony produced some of the amazing batteries in the market, and that a 4,280 mAh battery by the company is of course something to look forward to.

As far as the camera department is concerned, reports suggest a rear dual camera setup in the upcoming Xperia M Ultra. The dual camera setup will be made from a combination of a 24mm lens and a 75mm lens, though both of them will feature f/2.2 lens aperture. That’s not all guys, the rear cameras are 23 megapixels each. Apart from that, we are looking at a 16 megapixel selfie shooter at the front. Note that Optical image stabilization, unlike the HTC 10, is available in the rear setup only.

Note that the Xperia M Ultra might take place of the Xperia M5 which was introduced last year. The M5 sported a 1080p display with 3 GB RAM and 21 megapixel camera. In addition to that, the smartphone featured a fast autofocus capability along with a waterproof body.

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