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Save Data Location in Dark Souls 3 (PC Only)

There is no Steam Cloud for Dark Souls III. You are responsible for backing up these files.

Many DS2 players lost save data when upgrading or reinstalling Windows. Let's keep the DS3 community strong by avoiding this. 



This will expand to something like "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII".

This is a folder. Back up the full contents of the folder. It contains graphics configuration, and save files for every Steam account that's used the machine.


This isn't intended to be a long guide, just to inform people of the need to backup their save when reinstalling, etc.

But how do I DO it? What's a backup?

How do I backup files?

Make a copy of it, and put it in a safe place. "Backup" is just a fancy word for making a copy of something, and putting it in a safe place.

Don't just copy and rename a second DarkSoulsIII folder, inside AppData\Roaming. You're more likely to screw up if you have backups right next to the originals. It's best to put it in Documents, or somewhere else "safe".

I want backups to happen automatically.

Dropbox and Google Drive are probably the easiest ways to get cloud storage. But I haven't used them enough to feel comfortable explaining them. Sorry... If I use them more, I'll write more here later.

How do I restore files?

Worry about it later, if you like. As long as you have the backup, you can screw up the restore as many times as it takes, and keep trying until you get it right. But:
  1. If there is no DarkSoulsIII folder on the computer, run Dark Souls III once, so that it creates one. Just in case.
  2. Exit Dark Souls III.
  3. Delete the folder. (Or rename it "DarkSoulsIII - old", or move it somewhere. Whatever feels safe. But get rid of it.)
  4. Copy your backup folder into AppData\Roaming
  5. Rename it to DarkSoulsIII, if it wasn't already named that.
Don't ever move your backup, and use it in place of the original. Only copy it. That way you always have a copy, somewhere, in case something goes wrong.

AppData is a hidden folder.

If you can't see AppData, this is why. But you don't need to see it. Just type %appdata% into the Start Menu and hit Enter, and Windows will open AppData\Roaming for you. (Yes, %appdata% goes to AppData\Roaming, not to AppData itself. But that's where we want to go anyway.)

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