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How to obtain High-End Caduceus Assault Rifle fast in Tom Clancy's: The Division

There are a ton of weapons to acquire in Tom Clancy’s The Division, but the best ones can be obtained once the players reach level 30. The list of high-end weapons isn’t that big, but these are the strongest in the game. One weapon in particular called the Caduceus is powerful and is a must-find for agents. Luckily, one Redditor has figured out a The Division exploit to farm this high-end Assault Rifle.

A Redditor aptly named CaduceusFarm detailed a step-by-step process in getting the acclaimed high-end Assault Rifle. According to The Division guide, players will need to partner up to do the Caduceus Farm.

Player 1 first needs to create an alternate character and pass through the introduction quests. Basically, Player 1 needs to progress the story until he gets to Manhattan. Once done, Player 2 will need to drop in Player 1’s game. Player 2 can use his main character and does not have to create an alternate.

With Player 2 now in the game, Player 1 can then log out and switch to their main character to farm the Caduceus. The pair will now need to find rare spawn enemies at set locations and kill them. The Division locations include Clinton, Time Square, Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Yards, Garment District and Tenderloin. However, there are prerequisites for these rares to spawn.

Once the rare enemy is killed, the group needs to be disbanded. Player 1 will then create a new session with his alternate character. Repeat the process, starting from Player 2 joining Player 1’s session and so on. The farm works as Player 1’s alternate character is not present for the deaths of the rare enemies, so they’ll respawn over and over again. A Caduceus is not assured with each run, so repeating this numerous times may be needed.

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