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How to Get 1 Million DPS in Tom Clancy's: The Division (No Cheat, No Glitch)

Yes! As the title said, this page will show you how to get a million DPS without cheating or glitching!

The secret to doing so is to build your character wise and, by getting the major stat bonuses of both Sentry and Striker gears to increase your DPS. 

On the video below (credit to GUMPnSTEIN), you'll see how insane the damage you'll inflict to enemies when you combine 3 striker and 3 sentry or, 4 sentry and 2 striker. But before watching the video, here us out first....

The guide you'll see below purely focuses on the PvE aspect of the game. More specifically, it takes advantage of killing elites on the game with millions of damage. 

Key points on the video: Video at end includes a 437,000 point headshot 23:44 with Vector in a group. A 407,000 point headshot 25:27 solo with vector and a 1.48 million point M44 headshot 25:06.

In case you need to see the spreadsheet that GUMPnSTEIN is talking about on the video, you can check it out below:

Click image to enlarge
Lastly, if you can use the dps calculator here for reference.

So now that you have all the tools and knowledge on how to get a million dps in the game legitly, get outta here and go own those ELITES!

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Credits: Special thanks to GUMPnSTEIN for the video guide.