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How to create a solid Sniper Build in Tom Clancy's: The Division [Guide]

Here's some very helpful tips for you if you want to build your character as a sniping agent in Tom Clancy's: The Division. Specifically, this guide will explain "how to pick your weapon", "how to pick talents", "how to mod a DMR" and "how to play as sniper".

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Designated Marksman Rifle Types

First and most important part of being a sniper is to pick your weapon. There are three types of DMR's:

- Bolt action (M44, SRS etc)
- Semi auto small mag (M1A)
- Semi auto large mag (SCAR-H, MK17 etc)

They all have pros and cons. If we make a comparison:

RoF: SALM=>SASM>BA (Rate of Fire)
Proc: SALM>SASM>BA (Proc chance)
Stab: BA>SALM>SASM (Stability)
Acc: BA>SALM>SASM (Accuracy)

Now most of you wonder, what does proc mean? It means that how often you can deploy a % on hit effect like Toxic (Blind on headshot) to your enemy. Which is SUPREME in some situations.

Since we cleared the proc thing, you should pick your poison.

BA weapons are very slow to fire compared to others but have superior stopping power over others. With sufficent firepower or buffs, you may one shot people or deal massive damages to a mob. Also they have least bullets in a mag. You should avoid proc effects when using BA weapon.

SALM weapons are very fast but have lower stopping power, picked least over others. They deal most on sheet DPS but their burst is very low with supreme stability and accuracy. They are very effective with proc talents like Toxic because of their high RoF but may go low on ammo faster than other DMR's.

SASM which is M1A, between the other two types and the most picked choice. It gives the most optimal damage (DMG/RoF ratio) but has very bad horizontal stability and lower accuracy. Also okay to use proc effects because of its decent RoF.


Talents matter more for DMR's than any other weapon type. They fulfill a designated role so they won't benefit with every talent. I will give you a tier list for talents and you can pick whatever is the best for you.

Tier 1:

- Balanced (must have for all DMR's)
- Deadly
- Brutal
- Competent (benefits from electronics)
- Skilled
- Stable (for SASM)
- Accurate (for SASM or SALM)
- Capable (benefits from electronics, don't use Balanced if you have this)
- Destructive
- Ferocious (PVE exclusive)

Tier 2:

- Fierce
- Adept (worse than fierce, benefits from electronics)
- Harmful
- Toxic (SALM or SASM)
- Prepared
- Proficent (use BA with no mag extension)
- Swift
- Vicious

Tier 3:

- Whatever is left

A great DMR should at least have two of T1 talents and one of T2 talents in my opinion. THE BEST combination would be Deadly-Brutal-Balanced or Deadly-Competent-Capable for electronics-based builds. Since electronics lower CD's of skills aswell, using "on skill usage" talents with electronics builds of course give you more benefits.

For player talents, using "Steady Hands" is a must. Others are up to you.

How to Mod DMR's

This is the most confusing topic for people. I have seen a lot of opinions about mods but most of them are terribly wrong IMO. Best way to see what mod does most for you is to TEST THEM YOURSELF, but I will tell you what is best in theory.

- Magazine: % Weapon Damage and Magazine Size
- Underbarrel: Stability/Horizontal Stability or Accuracy for SASM, Stability/Initial Bullet Stability for BA and Stability/Accuracy for SALM.
- Muzzle: Stability/Horizontal Stability or Accuray for SASM, Stability/Critical Hit Damage or Initial Bullet Stability for BA and Stability/Accuracy for SALM.
- Sight: Prefer X15 Scopes. Headshot Damage/Accuracy for SASM, Headshot Damage/Critical hit Chance for BA and Headshot Damage/Accuracy for SALM.

As you noticed, BA rifles do not need accuracy at all. M1A requires extra horizontal stability, SALM or BA rifles do not. BA has more uses for Initial bullet stability while others don't. Optimal Range is not needed for any DMR's. Stability is generally good for DMR's but for BA it is not that important. Headshot Damage is great for all DMR's.


Unlike the general opinion, sniper role is NOT good for solo gameplay. You need frontliners to make yourself useful in both PVP and PVE because people/mobs tend to get closer and strike from close range. Having a full party is recommended. Also having a buffer (electronics based character) with Smart Cover and Pulse will increase your damage output by %200~.

Back to the gameplay, a sniper should NEVER leave the cover. Not to finish off players, not to rush into people and not to flank people. You should only move when a repositioning or retreat is required. You should always have at least 30-40 mt range between you and enemy. It means their assault rifles can't do optimal damage and SMG's will simply suck. Range means less damage dealt to you. Your range will always be superior compared to any other weapon type so don't let people close the gap.

Always aim for the headshots. Headshots give you %145-%175 (not sure about max) more damage and even more if you have Brutal talent. A single headshot hit with critical damage can down most people if you have an "okay" gear. There is a slight chance to go for body shots for semi auto rifles but for bolt action, headshot is a MUST.

Of course there are more cheeky plays than "go for the head". If you find "proc" talents on your weapon, applying them as much as possible is a very solid tactic. Crowd control effects like blindness will do one of three things for you:

- Make your frontliners finish off the enemy
- Make your enemy use Survivor Link or another important thing (like rejuvenated medkit)
- Make your enemy retreat or get suppressed

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Credits: Special thanks to Bullet_King for this guide.