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Fastest way to obtain crafting materials in Tom Clancy's: The Division (After Incursion patch hits)


So after hearing that the Incursion update for the division will increase the number of crafting materials needed to create a High-End gears, many believes that the game is heading towards the "Ultimate Grind". And, with Massive killing all those exploits and glitches in the game, there's no way but to farm for those crafting materials legitly in the game. Well, we know it's kinda boring grinding and farming for that but, for The Division hardcore players, it's definitely worth it.

In this page you will learn a method which will earn you 190 purple items to be used for crafting every hour. The good thing is, this method works after the Incursion update and hey, THIS IS LEGIT and you can use this for a lifetime!

General information

The logic here is we will calculate the effectivenes of this method by comparing material acquisition with number of purple items required for the same quantity of materials.

To compete with this method you'd have to ensure in average 190 purple drops per hour.

Weights for calculating are as follows:
  • 1 yellow material = 2.5 purple items
  • 1 blue material = 0.5 purple items
  • 1 green material = 0.1 purple items
We still have no clue yet if there will be a better method after Incursion patch hits but, if Massive changes how Div Tech boxes work, if we could reliably loot 40-60 blue Div Tech materials per hour, and if the conversion rate for Div Tech materials stays at 2:1 it would be more effective than the method described here (that's 3 if's so yeah... not likely).

By following this guide you will not collect an equal number of all materials.

The route

The route contains:
  • 6 tools locations
  • 5 weapon locations
  • 3 electronics locations
  • 3 fabric locations
On maps, you can see mark locations with numbers. That is because there are certain things you should take to consideration at that location (you can find out what are those below)

Let's farm

Start by teleporting to WarrenGate Power Plant and follow the route outlined here. 

Location marked with (2) has 2 tool boxes on ground level, and 1 up on the construction platform. (3) might not be open if you (or the instance owner - later about that!) haven't done the particular mission. The boxes are in the back yard, police station, basement. (4) is a fabric location, (5) is tools and (6) weapons although they aren't marked on the map I used to outline the route.

Teleport to the mission Hudson Refugee Camp and follow the route outlined here. 

You could teleport to Base of operations, but it's slightly faster teleporting to Refugee Camp. If you decide to TP to BoO, include the fabric location just north of it in the route. If you started at Refugee Camp, don't bother with electronics location just south. It's up in the building and not worth it. After picking up weapons (3) climb the ladders just right of the weapon location and go accross the buiding over the roof - much faster than going around. (4) is an unmarked tool location.

After you're done with both routes go to some other person's instance (matching -> automatch -> free roam), and repeat from start. Free roam groups are best because they don't wonder why you've joined the group but doing your own thing. If the group gets disbanded, you'll still stay in the owner's instance so you are free to continue your route. The only interruption happens if you get kicked from the group - then you'll be forced to a loading screen and returned to your instance. After you've finished the run, leave group and you'll be teleported to your Base of Operations. Queueing for groups from BoO is fastest, that's why second route of the run is even included. I've found that if you only clear first route and matchmake from there, it might take up to 2 minutes for group to match, whereas in BoO it's almost instant. You can have a full run for which will lasts about 12 minutes in average (loading screens included).

Now, that's for the current state of the game. How about after Incursion update?

You can see below some of the findings of how much crafting materials you'll earn from this method after the patch 1.1.

Update for patch 1.1

After 1.1 hits, deconstruction weights will change as follows:
  • 1 yellow material = 7.5 purple items
  • 1 blue material = 0.15 purple items
  • 1 green material = 0.015 purple items
From logging 50 runs, each run takes 14 minutes (included electronics location that were initially advised to be skipped in route 2 - thanks to a couple of Agents pointing out there is a quick way into the building), You can go about an hour worth of farming to 4 full runs. An average distribution will be 45 greens, 45 blues, 11 yellows. That yield is equivalent to deconstructing 218 purples per hour, but after 1.1 hits the yield increases to 359 purples per hour, making this method even more effective than it was, due to how much more are yellow items worth in 1.1.

Update for scavenging

Some Agents hinted scavenging value contributed to chance of looting better quality materials. When you do all the runs with 194% scavenging, the difference as compared to the original data is within 10%, which many believes that it still count as statistical imperfection.

Update for looting from other Agents instances, or speculated nerfs to the method

For people having issues using matchmaking to farm other Agents instances, just farm your own every two hours and do something fun in between. At the end of the week, you will still have a considerable amount of resources for crafting.

If this method causes a response from Massive (nerf), the general concept of looting materials from PvE zones still proves as valid and effective. Some preliminary tests where done doing a full 1h route looting all locations in instance only, yielding approximately 25% fewer mats then by following the original method. That's still equivalent to 269 purples per hour after patch 1.1.

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Credits: Special thanks to mezmer1411 for sharing this informative guide.