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Fallout 4's "Wasteland Workshop" DLC adds a Post-Apocalyptic Pokemon Feel to the Game

Fresh from releasing their Automatron DLC, Bethesda is set to release the second DLC for the game next week. And from the looks of it, I think many Pokemon gamers will surely like what they'll be getting (if they are playing FO4 of course).

Called the "Wasteland Workshop," the biggest new feature in the add-on is the ability to both capture and tame living creatures; that includes not only animals like Deathclaws and cats, but even human raiders. Once tamed, you can pit them against each other in a terrifying form of cock fighting. You can also throw your own settlers in the ring to see how they fare.

"Wasteland Workshop" will also introduce a number of new design options for customizing your settlements, and while small in number, the additions sounds pretty great. You'll be able to create glowing, colored tube lighting to decorate your settlement, making it possible to add customized signs to various building. And there's also taxidermy now, so you can fill up a room with all of your most impressive kills. You can watch the trailer of the DLC below:

The new DLC follows last month's "Automatron" add-on, which added a new quest line and the ability to build impressively devastating killer robots to help you out. Next month will see the launch of "Far Harbor," the first proper expansion for the game, which will include a brand new location in the form of an island off the coast of Maine. The developer describes it as "the largest landmass Bethesda Game Studios has ever created for post-release content." Later this year Bethesda will also be releasing a "Creation Kit" so players can make mods in the PC game, and then share them with other players from all versions of the game.

"Wasteland Workshop" will be available on April 12th for $4.99.

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