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Did Bungie Make a Mistake on Reddit and Revealed the Release of Destiny 2?

Activision Blizzard Inc.’s Destiny’s April Update is live and there is a lot of new gear to earn and new activities to play. At this point, none of you might have been thinking about the future of the game and its upcoming content. Well, it looks like Bungie is already on the matter and are gearing up for the release of the game’s next big expansion and this time, the teasing has been taken to the next level.

Recently, a user on Reddit by the name of RezylAzzir has been the talk of the town. The user posted the location of a Dead Ghost fragment, which are collectible lore items in Destiny. This Dead Ghost is found in the new Challenge of the Elders mode. Now, there is the interesting part; the Dead Ghost location was posted just seventeen minutes after the release of the expansion. What is more is that the Dead Ghost posted about a character named RezylAzzir. And if that is not weird enough for you, the post has since then been deleted on Reddit, which brings us to wonder if Bungie is teasing its next move via a secret Reddit account.

The removed post also contained a peculiar phrase in Latin, “Vigesima die mensis noni. Illud est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra.” Now, if we translate that to English, it means, “The twentieth day of the ninth month. It is about to come.” So, putting that in plain English, it points to September 20, which could be the date for the game’s next expansion?

There have been strange messages going around the official Bungie forums via private messages as well. These messages seem to have a transmission from Rasputin, the AI Warmind and other related stuff from the game as well. While all of this could be nothing and just someone (or Bungie) poking fun, it could also be something very legit and since there is nothing else on the matter as of right now, there is not much that we can say.

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