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Destiny The Orbiter- PVE Sunsinger Build

The Summary

Use your magic fists to churn out constant Orbs of Light. Your team’s Super abilities will revolve around you. A successful Orbiter will decimate adds while providing their teammates with near-endless Supers.

The Essentials
  • x1 Monte Carlo — Dealing damage with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill.
  • X1 Claws of Ahamkara — Gain an additional charge for all Warlock-charged melees.
  • Sunburst — Killing an enemy with Scorch has a chance to generate Orbs of Light.
  • Brimstone — Killing enemies with Scorch causes them to explode.
Class Build

You can probably see where this is going, but with the essentials out of the way, let’s dive into the specific class perks and why we’re using them.

Fusion Grenade — Fusion grenades are the best bang for your buck without Touch of Flame and Viking Funeral. They are more than capable of taking out adds, and are a big help against bigger targets that Monte Carlo will struggle with.

Song of Flame — Song of Flame isn’t necessary for the orb generation aspect, but really rounds out the Orbiter as a support build. When you go Super, it’s time for your teammates to go ham with you. You may opt to go with Radiant Skin for extra durability. The key is not be stingy with your Super. Keep the orbs coming!

Brimstone — As of the April Update, Brimstone now reduces the cooldown of Scorch by 66% and received an 86% damage buff. At max Strength, Scorch will recharge in 8.5s without any assistance from Monte Carlo. But here’s the real kicker, and why you should use Brimstone above all else: Sunburst procs on Brimstone kills. This means that each kill with Brimstone generates an Orb of Light. This has tremendous application in the right place and the right time. (See The Results below.)

Sunburst — Prior to The Taken Spring, Sunburst had a 50% chance to produce 2 Orbs of Light. Now Sunburst has a 100% chance to produce 1 Orb of Light, which makes the Orbiter much more consistent than it’s been in the past, especially when combined with Brimstone. Note that Sunburst and Brimstone don’t proc on enemies killed by Ignite, so aim to kill with the punch!

Arcane Spirit / Divine Order — You can roll with Toughness and Recovery for max survivability in close quarters, but you might find more Agility helpful to get out of tight spots.

Gift of the Sun — Having 2 grenade charges on top of 2 melee charges is very useful. You may opt to go with Firebolt + Touch of Flame instead, but I find Fusion + Gift of the Sun best.

Weapons, Armor, and Perks

The single best addition you can make to an Orbiter build is an artifact that generates orbs on Solar melee kills. The proc chance is somewhere in the 5-10% range. This may seem small, but you will be using Scorch so often that it will make a difference in the long run.

Any armor perks that provide Super energy from melee kills will also be a plus. Since your teammates will be producing a ton of orbs alongside you, perks related to orb pickup will be handy, too.

As an Orbiter, you will be getting in the face of every Dreg and Goblin in your way. A high-impact Fusion Rifle or Shotgun will nicely compliment the playstyle and pack a punch when stronger, shielded enemies come after you. Remember that weapon kills in Radiance also generate Orbs of Light, so a well-placed rocket is a great way to start your Super with a bang. Combine with a Nighstalker’s tether for maximum orbs.

Lastly, the Close And/Or Personal perk (+25% melee damage for a short time) is extremely handy for handling enemies that are otherwise too strong for Scorch on its own.


An Orbiter’s ideal attribute spread is max Strength and Discipline so you can make the most of your Super when it comes. If you’re less of a scrub than me, you can probably reach 1/5/5. Don’t waste a worry on Intellect. Scorch is your primary orb producer, and far outpaces Radiance when played right.

How To Play

At the start of an encounter, identify where the adds are most concentrated. Some enemies, like Shanks and Thralls, can be killed in a single Scorch strike, and these enemies usually appear close together and in large numbers, so they should be your first target.

While your teammates take out harder targets, soften up the adds with Monte Carlo and eliminate any threats like Vandal snipers and Hive knights before closing in. Most enemies only need a few bullets to be put into Scorch’s kill range. More, weaker enemies also give Brimstone a chance to shine. It’s important that your teammates don’t finish off the enemies you weaken, so be sure to call out your targets. Most of the time you won’t be using Monte Carlo with the intent to kill. Use it to soften the adds and keep your Scorch charges replenishing.

The Results

All of these combined, we have a Warlock that gets a Scorch charge every 8.5 seconds or less, and can produce ~1-4 Orbs of Light per Scorch.

Let’s say you generate 1 orb every 10 seconds. That’s 6 orbs per minute. Over a 5-minute fight, that’s 30 orbs total — about twice as many Orbs as someone with max Intellect who gets their Super twice in that span and hits the 8-Orb cap each time.

Don’t just take the super generalized numbers at face value, though. 

When it gets going, it really gets going. 

Just remember to use your Super! Here are some clips of the Orbiter in action:

Heroic Strikes, Vanguard Strikes, Daily Story, Prison of Elders, Public Events

The Orbiter thrives where there are large groups of weak enemies, common in Strikes and Prison of Elders. It’s not intended for Nightfall or Raid-level activities where enemies are much tougher and the Orbiter playstyle is too high-risk, though there are some Raid encounters where it may excel (the portal, totems, and Golgoroth spring to mind). It could also be fun to run in the old raids, especially at Confluxes and Lamps.

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Credits: The Orbiter-PVE Sunsinger build by diaryofadragonborn