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Destiny April Update to Bring New Playstation Exclusive Gears

So, we are a few days away from Destiny's April Update and many players are excited with the upcoming content it brings to the game. What more could the PS3 and PS4 fans could feel when they hear that they'll be receiving a playstation exclusive gears on April update? Probably shouting out loud!

Yes, you've heard us right. Destiny's April update will give playstation gamers some exclusive gears and you can see them below:

Exotic Sniper Rifle: Zen Meteor

“Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point.
Zen Meteor Perks

Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Rapid kills with every round in the clip load an extra, higher-damage round for 5 seconds.

With a Laser Beam: The extra round from Dynamite causes a massive explosion.

How to Obtain: Decrypt Exotic Engrams or Legendary Engrams, or via other sources of Year-Two Exotics

Sparrow: Velumbra

“I face the challenges to come with dry eyes. There will be a time to mourn, but not until we have our vengeance.” —Petra Venj
How to Obtain: Complete mission “Fight Fire with Fire”

Quest: Essence of Darkness

“New activity at the Court does not bode well for the Reef. Show them the true force of a Guardian.” –Petra Venj
Reward for completing quest: Velumbra Sparrow

Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune I

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9G

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Titan Armor: Jovian Guard

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Destiny’s April Update launches this coming Tuesday, April 12th.

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Source: Playstation Blog