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Dark Soul 3 player completed the game in just 1 hour 42 minutes & 10 seconds of play

Lucky Japanese gamers got their hands on FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III on March 24 where as everyone else is being kept waiting until April 12. That’s more than enough time for complete playthrough videos to be recorded and posted on YouTube. But one gamer didn’t need the full 3 weeks to complete the game, in fact he didn’t even need a couple of hours.

It’s a well known fact that the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne can be completed quickly, all previous Dark Souls titles have been completed in under an hour by speedrunners, with Bloodborne’s record initially set at 44 minutes, but has since dropped down to the mid-thirties. Even so, to complete Dark Souls III so quickly so soon after launch is impressive.

You can see from watching the playthrough above that speedrunner Jung Ho Min is no beginner. He knows exactly where to go, how to defeat the enemies he is forced to quickly, and when to just run right by them. He’s likely spent every free hour since launch figuring out the game before performing this run. It’s also unlikely this is going to be the fastest completion time, or even remain so for long.

For anyone waiting patiently to play this game in a couple of weeks, don’t be put off by very quick playthroughs appearing. Dark Souls III is going to give you many hours of enjoyment, with veteran players saying their first playthrough for review lasted between 37 and 76 hours.

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