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Best End-Game Electronic (Skill Power) Build for Your Level 30 Character in Tom Clancy's: The Division

Here's a great end-game build for those agents who would want to get the most skill power without sacrificing their HP or DPS. Now, we have a guide similar to this (which you can check out later here) but the difference is, that build is more on becoming a well-rounded agent. This build focuses on maximizing the most SP through Electronics (of course) while having good amount of health and DPS. That's why it's called End-Game Electronic Build. 

With this build, you can manage to hit 1889 firepower req for most weapon talents and also, you'll have skill power which is high enough to cap Pulse critical hit chance and Sticky Bomb damage.

Note: If your gear isn't VERY good, we recommend that you head to this guide first (will be added later on this blog), because 1889 FP with 42k+ skill power is very hard to obtain if you don't want to walk around with 25k HP.

You can see above the current stats of this build. As you can see damage is quite enough specially for an assault rifle and low firepower.

Most people think that going for electronics build will render you useless in a gun fight, but it's the opposite. You and YOUR ALLIES will gain %40 critical hit chance and %80+ critical hit damage from your Pulse - Tactical Scanner and your Sticky Bomb - BFB will deal 250.000 damage max. Also your First Aid will do 85k~ heals and your Smart Cover will give you %35~ damage bonus and %65~ damage mitigation. In addition, the Pulse cooldown will be LOWER than its duration. This build has 27 sec. duration and 25 sec. cooldown. Lastly, the signature skill's cooldown is 360~ seconds while a regular person has it twice as long!

These benefits make electronics build THE best build for soloing and essential in a group. P.S, you wouldn't want to enter Dark Zone without having 1 full electronics build person in party.


The gear stats on this build is written on a Google document sheet so you can see all the updates of the gear.

For reference, you can check the stats of the gears for this build here.

First sheet is mine, others are my mates' gear stats. They will also update if you want to check. Every main stat I have is totally good for this build, but skill bonusses could be more related to "Sticky Bomb blast radius" or "Pulse duration/critical hit bonus".

For weapons, any weapon is usable with this build as you like but talents matter a lot. Below is all weapon talents in tiers so you can pick your poison.

Tier one talents:

-Brutal (3rd slot)
-Fierce (3rd slot)
-Deadly (3rd slot)
-Capable (for NON DMR weapons)
-Balanced (DMR exclusive)
-Coolheaded (for sticky/pve builds)
-Harmful (Handgun exclusive I think?)

Tier two talents:

-Self-Preserved (SMG exclusive)
-Responsive (SMG exclusive)
-Accurate (SMG exclusive)
-Proficent (DMR exclusive for PVP)
-Prepared (DMR exclusive)
-Ferocious (PVE exclusive)
-Toxic (PVP fast weapon exclusive)

All other talents fall to Tier three/useless category. This build's AK has Stable, Competent and Destructive so it almost got a perfect talent build there. M44 has Brutal (3rd slot) and Balanced but 3rd talent is Sustained yet you can't replace it due to high damage and goodness of other talents. Also have %165 headshot damage from weapon.


There are more choices for electronics build than anyone else in this game for skills. Here's a list some of the tier one skills but as someone who tested every skill in game with this build, YOU CAN MAKE USE OF EVERY SKILL. 

First of all, El Classico the First Aid/Pulse build. With the current gear, First aid heals about 85k with Overdose mod and Pulse gives %40 critical hit chance (cap) and %80+ critical hit damage with Tactical Scanner mod. ALSO pulse has lower CD than duration so you will be the intel master of your party. Playstyle is pretty straightfoward but a small tip is if you get "Vigorous" talent in your chestpiece, use Booster Shot mod for First Aid.

Second and most cheesy build is the Sticky Bomb build. It deals 250.000 damage to the people at center of exploison and lowers as people move away from the center. This is a 1 shot skill SPECIALLY made for extractions. This will be super useful after today's patch which will increase drops and people will have more high end gear on them to extract. For secondary skill either First Aid or Healing Station with reduced CD will be fine. Using COOLHEADED talent will make Sticky Bomb viable in PVE.

Third choice is relatively unpopular, but eclipses them all in certain situations. Smart Cover - Recharge will give you %35~ damage and %65~ damage reduction and a minor healing. Also CD reduction.. what else would you need? Only downside with this is you need to stay in cover which means using an SMG will not be a good choice. This skill on the other hand shines with DMR's. Supreme damage reduction will keep you alive against 1 shot headshot crits and your buffed up base damage will be deadly. As 2nd skill First Aid - Booster Shot can be good since it also increases your damage and as a long range fighter you will love it. 

So that's all about it guys!

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Credits: Special thanks to Bullet_King for this great build guide.