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Agents Discover Another Game Breaking Glitch in The Division That Gives You 100%+ Bonus Damage

It seems that the First Incursion update of Tom Clancy's: The Division had brought total chaos to the game. As it seems every week, we discover yet another way to glitch the game specially on Falcon Lost. The question now is, when will this end? Well if you ask us, probably we'll reply that it won't end now and in fact, we think that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg and more glitches will be coming that needs to be fixed immediately!

Photo by Erasmus_Tycho

Specially this new found glitch wherein you'll gain a 100%+ bonus damage by staking a talent. What???!!!!! WTF! Yes! It's 100%+ bonus damage. And this is considered a game breaking glitch in the game that needs to be removed immediately!

So how does this happen?
From what we've heard, this glitch is cause by the "Competent" talent. When you have a weapon equipped with the competent talent, all you need to do is swap the weapon which has the competent talent with another weapon quickly and, keep doing this until you reached the damage that you want.

Now, we've seen some videos that testify that this glitch really works. We've seen someone do 250k-500k damage with an LMG and the worst is, some agents use this glitch to 2 shot the APC in challenging using their rifles. Well, we know that you'll not believe us with juse mere words so, just watch the videos below for proof:

Competent Talent Stacking with LMG

150% Bonus Damage using the Competent Talent Stacking

We don't know if Ubi is aware with this yet but, we hope this post get their attention. We know that The Division is experiencing a bad time right now and we hope that all these bug gets resolved immediately. Specially this one! All hell will break lose when this bug gets exploited even further by players!

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