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Ubi offers quick solution to The Division's player collision issue

It’s been anything but a smooth launch for arguably the most anticipated game in early 2016, as The Division, despite setting a new day 1 sales record for Ubisoft, has had its early days marred by technical issues both inside and outside the game’s beautifully rendered New York setting. While the problems with the game’s servers going down intermittently are at least partially expected for a game that has so many players attempting to play online this week, the complications arising within The Division itself have been harder to explain away. Ubisoft, to the publisher’s credit, has now offered a temporary fix to the bizarre player collision bug that has been a nuisance for gamers attempting to reach the level cap quickly:
“If [players] run into the unfortunate event where other players are blocking your path…players can force their way past (or through) others by continously running into said players for ~3 seconds.”

When news of the player griefing in The Division first broke early yesterday, it was assumed to be a temporary problem that would quickly go away as gamers got bored of trolling others and moved on to the The Division‘s in-game content. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case, and more and more Agents are finding their progress through the game hindered by others blocking the entrances and exits to safe houses within the game’s safe houses and PvP Dark Zone area.

While it’s likely that Ubisoft will have to wait to patch in a total fix to the issue, it’s nice that the game engine will allow players to clip through griefers without needing an emergency fix. Still, the between 3-10 seconds that players are reporting this workaround takes can be an annoyance, especially if gamers need to repeatedly do it just to advance through a single mission. Anyone looking to top the blistering 15 hour run to The Division‘s level cap achieved on launch day, for instance, will have to hope they don’t run into the issue much in order to do so.

Of course, that player didn’t have the benefit of any online guides or shortcutting techniques, as The Division had just come out and gamers had yet to experience enough of it to formulate any strategies to level their Agents quickly. That isn’t the case now, as gamers looking for a leg up on the competition have access to features like Game Rant’s The Division leveling guide. That being said, The Division also features some incredibly detailed recreations of New York City landmarks worth exploring at a slower pace, should some Agents prefer a more laidback approach to tackling The Division‘s launch content.

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