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Tom Clancy's: The Division Secret Chests in Missions Location Guide

Secret Chests are hidden loot containers that can be found during missions. They’re tough to find and reach, even when you know their locations. The loot you’ll get is random, and you’ll only be able to get it once. If you know any additional location please share it with the rest of community by going to our facebook page @ facebook.com/webjunkiesblog.

#1 Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
There’s a catwalk above the tunnel entrance. Once you’ve killed the thugs guarding it, use the rope to get up and you’ll see the chest on the left side.

#2 Madison Field Hospital
You’ll be exploring the stadium across the street from your Base of Operations. After the elevator ride, look for a locked door on your left. There is a contaminated area behind it. The chest is at the end of the contaminated corridor. If you don’t have a lvl 2 filter, you’ll die from exposure.

# 3 Broadway Emporium
After you’ve cleared out the enemies from the hall, you’ll have to go into the basement to turn on the sprinklers. When you’ve done this, leave the room and go left. You’ll have to pick a lock on a door left from the collapsed corridor. The chest is the room behind that door.

#4 Amherst Apartment
You will have to secure the entrance first by killing all of the enemies. Once you enter the building, you’ll see a flight of stairs. Climb them, turn left and you will see another staircase leading to the rooftop. There you will see an open door. Turn left as soon as you get out. The chest will be there.

#5 Lexington Event Center
When you enter the building, climb the main stairway on the left and turn right. You will see a door leading to a fire escape staircase. Climb down until you reach a room with a spotlight and a number of mannequins facing away from you. The chest will be near them.

#6 Police Academy
In the Police Academy mission, you need to find a distress signal and secure the garage in a police academy. When you kill all the enemies, you can enter the elevator and go up. After you encounter another wave of enemies, you will be able to look for a chest. It is found behind a white door at the end of the room, on the left. You will need a lockpick to get inside, though. As you enter, the chest will be right in front of you.

#7 *Rooftop Comm Relay *
Complete the objectives as they are given, until they say you should reach the antenna. Stay in this area and look around. The chest will be somewhere on that rooftop. It is on elevated ground, next to a dead soldier and a pair of sofas.

#8 Subway Morgue
Follow the mission objectives until they say “reconnect the circuit breaker.” You will be in a large room with a yellow flashing light and a mobile industrial elevator. Climb the ladder and get to a huge broken fan at the top. When you enter it, you will see a chest.

#9 Warengate Power Plant
When you complete the mission, you will find yourself in a control room with a Power Plant ECHO in it. Right next to it, there will be a chest.

#10 Times Square Power Relay
Simply go down Broadway Street to Times Square and climb the staircase behind a statue. Look for the chest on the second level of stairs, behind an American flag.

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