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There's a weird bug that locks players out in The Division

Some weird bug is locking players out of the game in Tom Clancy's: The Division. What's even weirder is the cause of the bug. So what's the cause of this bug? Your backpack!

Photo by Kotaku

The problem seems to involve players who craft high-end backpacks, only to find that those backpacks disappear from their inventory. Before long the players are unable to log in at all.

There has been tons of players reporting the issue. In fact, a number of players on r/thedivision reddit community and on Ubisoft's forum have reported that this bug does exist. In fact, there are also players recording proof about this via youtube. One video of this bug in action can be seen below:

As you can see, he first log in and find that his backpack slot is empty, which shouldn't be possible. And then when he tries to log in a second time, he can't.

There's also a video that basically just an endless loading screen. The guy says that he has been locked out on The Division for six days!

Now, Ubi community manager has seen a lot of players reporting this problem and, he said that they are currently working on a fix.

In addition, they also asked players to report this bug in the associated thread. So, if you experience this bug yourself, you can report it then to the link provided above.

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Source: Kotaku