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There's a better way to farm High-End Gears+ Phoenix Credits in The Division (Lincoln Tunnel Exploit)

Russian Consulate may be rewarding to farm for High-End gears but the problem with it is that it's too ellaborate. What we mean is, it's too long to run and many don't want to spend so much time in one certain area. In addition, Hornet is not that easy to kill as he moves from one area to another and worst, he takes cover when he's near one. The question now is...Is there a better way to run Russian Consulate and farm for loots? The answer is NO. However, there's a better way than Russian Consulate! And that is Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint!

This page will show you how easy is to farm for High-End gears plus Phoenix Credit in Lincoln Tunnel.

First, let's discuss why Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is better than Russian Consulate.
  • The first reason would be the boss just stands on top of a truck and hardly moves. In this way, you can easily snipe him with your Marksman Rifle of any type.
  • The second reason includes the LMB's ability to hack your own tech and their medics.
  • And the last reason is that Russian Consulate is just a bit harder than Lincoln Tunnel to finish.
Okay, we're almost finish with the intro here. But again, before you start farming Lincoln Tunnel, we wanna cover up some basic things you need to know. What we want to tell you is that you should be familiar with your mini map: If you notice on the mini map, there's a blue and gray area. The blue area is the area of the mission while the gray area indicates the area outside the mission. So basically, when you are in the blue area, you are still in the mission, while if you are in the gray area, this indicates that you are outside the mission. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS AS YOU'LL NEED THIS LATER!

Now, how to farm high-end gears plus phoenix credit in Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint...

Step 1: Start the lincoln tunnel checkpoint on hard like you normally do, kill some enemies until you've reach the final boss.

Step 2: Make sure that one of your team has mobile cover equipped with the extended perk to make it twice as long as you'll need this to glith you through the back gate. 

Now, some guy had said that you can easily run through a gate without using mobile cover. The method is shown below:

Try it and see if it works.

Step 3: Once you've arrived on the boss, all you need to do is basically run pass through him. Now, you may need to turn on a buff or any buff which will help you get pass him easily as sometimes, agents has difficulty passing through him because of some HP issues. 

Step 4: After passing him, run until you've reached the back gate. Now when you arrive on the gate, have that person with the mobile cover to throw it perpendicular to the gates as close as possible. After that, you will be able to take cover on the mobile cover and run right through the gate. You may have to dodge/roll to get to the back area easily. Now, like we've said before, you can use the trick which was shown on the video above here.

Once you're inside the back area, CONGRATULATIONS! You are done with the hard part or setting up the exploit. Now, it's time to farm (seriously, this time, it's really time to farm :D).

To make farming a lot easier, have all four of your teammates sit back in the back with your marksman rifle and snipe Finch to death. Now, if you have a Classic M1A Marksman Rifle, then you'd be faster to farm in this area! You can check out this guide later on how to maximise headshot chance of this weapon so you can easily kill Finch here.

Okay, back to the topic.... Once the boss is dead, have one person run up into the mission area which if you recall is anywhere blue in the mini map and have that one person killed by npcs. Everyone else needs to be on the gray area. This will send the dead guy back to start of the mission and respawn the boss. The other three people will stay back and they'll actually watch finch be respawn. The one who is back in the mission will just simply open up his map and fast travels to his teammates and then snipe the boss again. And then you guess it, just rinse and repeat!

Once you have enough loot then it's time to farm them. By the way, there's a video of all the things that we've written here. You can watch it below. In addition, it has also tips on how to farm those loot after you've killed Finch.

Before you go ahead and farm Lincoln Tunnel, here's a few end tips which can help you:
  • If your game crashed, or you have experienced a glitch or, you start noticing loot not appearing from the boss, simply close the application and restart it and you'll be good as new. You can then rejoin your friends and you'll be getting loot again.
  • Once you've run out of ammo, you can travel into a safehouse to pick up some ammo as it is completely safe to fast travel one or two or even three to a safehouse to pick up ammos.
  • Each time finch dies he drops purple and one of which can be a yellow. The rate differs but this high-ends can end up being a mode both gear and weapons as well as high-end weapons and gears. 
So that's all about it guys!

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Credits: Special thanks to Gatorskull for the video guide.