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The Division will have a new update next week. What will it be?

Ubisoft will push out a new update for its record-breaking shooter The Division next week, the company has announced. The developer isn't saying just yet what's included with the update, but the studio previously talked about further tweaking elements of the Dark Zone, among other things.

"The game may have just released but we already have a new update for you to dive into!" Ubisoft said in its latest State of the Game blog post. "This will be in your hands next week and fear not, more information about it will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes peeled."

"The roadmap ahead is super exciting and this is only the beginning," it added.

No further details were divulged. We'll bring you all the news as it's announced. Free updates are coming to The Division in April and May, with paid DLC coming later in the summer.

An update for The Division last week disabled the Trained Talent item and made a number of general tweaks to experience gain and drop rates for items and currency.

Speaking earlier this week as part of a livestream event, Ubisoft Massive community developer Hamish Bode said the studio is aware of concerns players have about Dark Zone balancing and will adjust the game accordingly in the future.

Things like Dark Zone balancing is "definitely a priority for the development team," Bode explained, going on to say that the studio is "looking at all of those things at the moment."

Also during the event, Bode was asked about what kind of high-level gear players can expect down the road. He teased, "There are surprises to come."

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