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The Division Preload For Full Game Now Available

The release of Tom Clancy’s The Division is less than a week away, and Ubisoft has revealed the much awaited session for the upcoming game. The developer announced that The Division preloading on Steam and Uplay will start on March 3 at 9 am PT. According to Ubisoft, the company will turn on the game servers on March 7. Players from North America will only able to get into the game on March 8.

The Ubisoft blog suggests that Xbox One owners who have already purchased a digital copy of The Division can start preloading the game today, March 3. The time will vary for PC and PlayStation 4 users living in different regions. PC players will also be able to preload the game from March 3 on Steam and Uplay, while PlayStation 4 users can begin preloading on March 6. Players living in Japan can expect the game to arrive on March 8. In the US, those who have purchased digital copies of The Division, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions can enjoy the game on March 8 as well.

The Division reviews will not go up until the game is launched, and on its official website, Ubisoft states that everybody, including the reviewers and players, will be active on the launch date. Everybody will be playing the game, so it is not possible for the company to populate the servers the way they want. Ubisoft says that the servers will go live globally at 00:01AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Ubisoft previously thanked fans who participated in the The Division beta. The company revealed that 6.4 million players were active during the beta, and obviously there are many players who are still waiting for the chance to play The Division. Now those people won’t have to wait long as the game will be active within the next few days. After the game’s launch, the next thing to watch out for will be The Division reviews.

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