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The Division Phoenix Credits: How to earn them and how to use them effectively

Here's a short guide explaining what are Phoenix Credits in the Tom Clancy's: The Division. This guide will include facts about how can you earn Phoenix Credits and how to spend them wisely.

Now let's start the guide..

In order to unlock the best gear that The Division has to offer, players will need to earn and collect a completely different in-game currency known as Phoenix Credits. Similar to Strange Coins found in Destiny, Phoenix Credits are end game currency that players use on weapons, mods, accessories, or gear that have both level 30 Agent and level 50 Dark Zone requirements on them.

This gear can be found at the Special Gear Vendor in the Tech Wing of the Base of Operations or the Dark Zone Special Vendor found in the safe room in the northern part of the DZ06 area. Unlike the beta, superior and high-end rarity items at these vendors can only be purchased by level 30 characters using Phoenix Credits.

The biggest question that many players have, however, is how to actually acquire this currency. To help answer that, we’ve put together some tips on how to start collecting Phoenix Credits in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Once a player reaches the level cap at 30, daily missions will unlock. Each day, three story based missions will have a white ring appear around the mission marker when viewing the map letting players know that this mission has a daily activity associated with it. These activities typically task the player with beating the mission on a higher difficulty, resulting in higher level enemies that are packing better weapons and armor.

Viewing daily missions from the map will also reveal the rewards that can be earned for completing the mission. Those include the standard mission rewards as well as additional loot like specialized crafting materials and Phoenix Credits. Some bosses may also drop a few additional Phoenix Credits as well.

For players who want an even greater challenge, specific missions in the game have a third difficulty setting known as Challenging. This difficulty manages to live up to its name as every enemy in the mission is an elite that is capable of killing players in one or two shots. As of right now, these missions can only be played once in order to obtain the rewards at the end, though players have begun to speculate that these missions may be repeatable once per week. This unfortunately can’t be confirmed until next week when The Division enters its second week as a retail game.

As a reward for the effort required for players to make it through the mission, players will earn a higher payout of Phoenix Credits, in addition to high-end loot, gear, or materials.

For an easy thirty Phoenix Credits, players simply need to log into Ubisoft Club, a rewards program tied to all Ubisoft games, from the website or from the in-game menu and head to the rewards section of the site. From here, players can view and unlock specific Division rewards like Phoenix Credits for only 30 Uplay credits.

Players unlock these credits by simply playing Ubisoft developed games which are then tied to their accounts. Rewards range from simple wallpapers to in-game items, to other goodies like soundtracks.

So that's all about what we know so far about Phoenix Credits. If you prefer to watch an explanation that to read though, you can see the video below by Arekzz Gaming.

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Credits: Special thanks to Arekzz Gaming for the video tutorial.