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The Division News: Player reaches Rank 99 in Dark Zone in just 130 hours of play

Tom Clancy's: The Division has only been live for 130 hours and guess what, someone finally ranked up to 99 in the Dark Zone.

The feat was accomplished by a Redditor named Chammer88, who states that he stacked increased XP gear to get to the maximum ranking so quickly. Once he filled up the bar for rank 99, the game refused to grant any further levels, and his progress bar is now permanently frozen. Despite how difficult it must have been for Chammer88, he says it was an awesome grind, and he’s still having a fun time with The Division.

Chammer88 (who’s in-game name is Chaos 3SK) made the below video to give a good example of the route he took to attain the prestigious rank:

The player reportedly last died when he was on level 93, and he lost an astounding 85,000 Dark Zone experience points for his folly. The stakes are evidently pretty high at the top, and he is certainly one player we wouldn’t want to run up against as rogue agents.

Those who doubt the player’s claim to fame can take a look at the official stat-tracking website for The Division, which also reveals that Chammer88 has racked up over 14,500 kills under his The Division account. The source isn’t an official one, but for the time being, it looks like his record-setting account is in good standing.

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Source: Reddit