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The Division: New Loot Cave for farming Phoenix Credits + Gears found!

So there has been talks that the first-ever "Loot Cave" discovered by a player in Tom Clancy's: The Division is not working anymore. I'm talking about "The Bullet King" encounter here. Many have reported that the boss will not respawn anymore doing the method wherein you'll kill him and just leave his accomplice be. Now, we don't know if Ubi has seen this and deem it as abusive and possibly had patched the Loot Cave or, the ones that reported it just had some bumps on doing the method or so but, if you have no luck in getting Phoenix Credits or solid gears (like purple) in "The Bullet King", then don't worry as yet another Loot Cave has emerged in the game!

Redditor Saucerman87 has found yet another Loot Cave in the game. It goes by the same process where you'll kill the boss and leave his companion and then you'll be rewarded with Phoenix Credit and gears but, he noted that the run takes much longer than "Bullet King" encounter. Another side note that he added was you can either let the mobs kill you to reset this encounter (like Bullet King) or, you can just go back to the safe house to reset the mission and avoid the respawn loading screen or, you can just simply pass into a different territory to reset the encounter.

Oh yes! I almost forgot. The location of the encounter. LOL. Sorry for that. The location of the encounter is at the North of Hudson Yards wherein Hells Kitchen starts and you need to kill a boss named "Erksine".

You can check out the step-by-step method below suggested by Saucerman87 himself to finish this encounter:

1. Get to the North border of Hudson Yards, where Hell's Kitchen starts.1.

2.Run straight South down the street to where the orange circle is on the map to the left.

3. There is a named boss "Erksine"and 2 cronies. [Note: Don't kill both cronies and the boss, or this farm is toast]

4. Kill Erksine (I typically stop at the police car and snipe him twice as he runs up to me) and he will drop 2 Superior drops and some Phoenix credits. I've also had two 'Caduceus' drop while farming this (High End Weapon).

5. Now that you've killed him (I also wait to pick stuff up until I've done it 3-5 times, to speed the run up), run back north and make sure that you cross into Hell's Kitchen territory (the text background should turn orange to indicate that).

6. This resets the encounter. Rinse and Repeat to farm your Phoenix Credits and crafting materials!

Note 1: There is a bonus citizen in need, so you can build up your wardrobe too!

Note 2: You can run Healing Station +Ammo Cache so you don't need to hit the safe house. Seeker Mine +Gas Charge lets you get in and out to pick up loot without worrying about taking hits from the cronies.

A couple of pros and cons vs the original route:

  • This one takes longer to run, length-wise
  • There's only 2 other bad guys. Keep your aim on point and don't shoot the cleaners pack or you could end this encounter by accident
  • This one may be available if you don't have Bullet King available (kind of a big pro is actually being able to do it).
  • There is only 2 other bad guys, and 2 of the 3 have axes, so you can mindlessly do this without getting shot
  • It's a straight line, and as mentioned, it's only 2 other guys, and 1 guy with a gun to worry about. No headset needed. Minimal effort needed to "pay attention" to the game.
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Credits: Special thanks to Saucerman87 for this guide.