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The Division Guide: How to find easy Blue Gear at the very beginning stages of the game

Okay, since I've been having trouble progressing in some stages of the game in The Division due to lack of good gears, I then decided to find some guide on where to find some good gears at the very beginning of the stage to help me progress more easily..

Then, I bumped into a youtube vid by user KackisHD which showcases the chest locations of some chests that award 1 or 2 guaranteed blue gear items when opened! These chests are located in areas at the beginning of the game, very helpful for new players looking to get good gear! 

It helped me so, I decided to share this with you guys...

Now let's get over with some long intro and go tell you where to find those blue loot already.

The first two places in the Division where you'll find blue gears, are the first two missions in the game. Take note that this not include the Brooklyn tutorial. So basically, the first mission will be "The Madison Field Hospital" and the next one is "The First Tech Mission".

The Madison Field Hospital (proceed to 0:55 of the video below)

Now if you notice in this stage, you'll going to progress and go up into and elevator wherein you'll encounter a contaminated zone. The zone has a contaminated rating of 2 so basically if you got crappy gears and not high level, you'll die in just a couple of seconds. Okay, enough with the warning, now let's tell you about the good stuff in this zone. The good news is, if you're able to open the chest located in this contaminated zone, you'll be awarded with TWO BLUE GEARS.

Additional details: Take note that you need a key (lock pick) to open this zone and these keys can be randomly looted througout the game. So basically, when you kill and enemy, there's a possibility that he/she will drop a key. And also, remember that when you are in a squad, each individual will take turns doing this as the chest will only open to one person at a time.

The First Tech Mission (proceed to 1:47 of the video below)

Here you'll find a medium size chest which will award you with one guaranteed blue item which is located on midway of the mission after clearing all the enemies in the stage. Once you've cleared all the enemies, just climb up the ladder and at the very end, you'll see the chest.

Other methods you can find Blue Gears early in the game.

Another great way to find blue gears in the game early is through "Encounters". 

(proceed to 2:25 of the video below)

For example, you can select and encounter near a contaminated zone to the south of the base of operation. You'll then need to explore the area and get to a backalley to activate this encounter. Once you've killed the enemies there, you'll then have access to a building which has tons of great loots. This building also will give you lots of cosmetic loots. When you have finally entered the building, you'll notice a locked door to your right and if you have the key to open this, you'll then see a medium-size crate that will award you with one guaranteed blue item. 

But wait that's not all! Notice that in the building, you'll be task to activate three scanners which located in conspicuous places in the building and then, you'll be asked to go to the rooftop and reach a place where you can upload a certain information. Once you completed uploading, the encounter will then end, rewarding you with a good amount of EXP and right near where you upload the information is a large crate where you'll find two guaranteed blue loots. 

Yet another virus encounter

(proceed to 4:40 of the video below)

The next place you'll want to do is try another virus encounter which is located down and to the right of the place you do your first encounter. The encounter is also easy and will just task you to activate two scanners which are located on the bottom level of the place and once you've activated the two scanner, just climb the fire escape ladder to get to the rooftop and upload the info. Take note that once in the rooftop, there are level 11 cleaners that you need to take out. There area wherein you'll upload the information has also a large chest right next into it which will award you with two guaranteed blue loots. 

Now, if you do this method at the early stage, you'll then be rewarded with eight blue items in total which I think is adequate enough to get you started.

So that's it guys. Hope that this guide will help you...

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Credits: Special thanks to KackisHD for this guide.