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The Best Well-Rounded End-Game Character Build in Tom Clancy's: The Division [Level 30 Cap]

In this page, you will learn how to build a well-rounded character which can solo, do pve and pvp and also can do group plays.

Okay. So it's a hybrid build and definitely you'll say "oh no thanks, I don't wanna be a jack of all trades, I wan't to focus on dps". In most cases, those agents who focuses on DPS build gets chewed up and being spit out easy specially on the Dark Zone. If you've played the Dark Zone then you know what I'm talking. Hell breaks lose on DZ so you better not be squishy! Not just DZ but also on Challenging modes. So, after reading those fact, do still want to be a glass cannon?

Maybe you'll answer back "NO, now I wanna be a tank". That's good but focusing on tanking either isn't that good specially when your just playing The Division for a couple of days. Tanking is not a job for newbies. Believe me, I've experienced that. In case you wanna be a tank, we have a guide for that which you can see here later but for now, let's be flexible.

Sorry for the very long intro..I just wanna emphasize here that being well-rounded doesn't mean that you have a noob build. Take note that the level cap is still level 30 and based on experience from playing a lot of MMOs, I've learned that when you are still at levels like this, it's better to be well-rounded to get the most out of the game. What I mean is, a hybrid build will be very viable for this levels.

So now that I've said my point. Let's get on with the build. I have done a lot of researching a couple of days on how to build my character at end-game also and, I've found the build of drdent a really great well-rounded build. Now, why I say that his well-rounded build is good? Check the stats below:

His build allows a lot of MIN-MAXING and you can have 70k HP with ease and, that HP can go further with if you have chest pieces with multiple mod slots so you can put stamina mods on it.

The key points on a well-rounded build:
  • On you chest piece, go Rapid as you'll get those heals off cooldown as quick as possible.
  • On both mask and backpack, be sure to get as much skill power. The 2% health per second on your mask may be good but what you want to focus on getting here is a good skill power. You can have as much as 30k to 35k skill power on both mask and backpack without affecting your DPS or your health.
  • Another very important part of the build is the 13% skill power while at full health on your backpack that will give you around 3k to 4k skill power depending on your base skill power. Since 98% of the time your starting the fight with full health so you get the full effect of that skill power and the overheal keeps you at or above full health so that you maintain that skill power and can keep using it as your cooldowns come up.
  • Use pulse with tactical scanner to give you a decent amount of crit damage and crit. 
  • Use heal with overdose to give you good amounts of heal when you're only around 70k health. 
In terms of talents:
  • Go grab "Critical Save" which is my favorite for keeping you alive in those prolonged fights.
  • Also, grab triage to get the cooldown reduction from healing your teammates which is super helpful.
  • And lastly, "On the move" for that damage reduction as well

If you want to see a demo on how this build works, then go watch the video below from the build creator himself, drdent:

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Credits: Special thanks to drdent for this very good end-game build he created.