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Some tips on how to complete Solar Burn Cabal Nightfall this week in Destiny: The Taken King

Here some tips compiled by reddit user redka243 to help you finish this week's solar burn cabal nightfall in Destiny: The Taken King.

1) When fighting the bosses, prioritize these things in this order 1) REVIVES, 2) KILL ADDS, 3) Boss damage (if everyone on the team is alive and all the adds are dead only).

2) The reinforcements arrive based on the boss's health meter. So, never damage the boss when someone is dead. You don't want to spawn a new wave of adds when someone is dead. First get the revive, then kill all the adds, then damage the bosses! Exception : after the final wave of adds is dead, you are free to damage the bosses until they die. No need to wait for revives at this point although you should still get revives whenever possible.

3) After each brother runs away, when the adds come out, the next wave won't start till they're all dead. By killing all but one, you can buy yourself some time to charge supers, grenades, get revives, etc.

Update: Here is some debate on this one. Some people are reporting that if you wait too long the next brother will come out anyways.

4) Wear chest armor that reduces incoming solar burn damage - (reduces incoming solar damage from 3X to 2X). Its a big deal! Check your chest armor before entering this fight!

5) Consider fast revive gear as this will let you get a revive while running through your friend's ghost without stopping!

6) Prioritize survivability. As a hunter, you might want to use hunter classes that can go invisible easily rather than the gunslinger. Bring a bladedancer with all the invis upgrades or bring a nightstalker with sealed grasps and double invis melees. When you need to hide, do it! "Vanishing" during blade dance lasts longer than a standard invis and you have hyper armor in blade dance which can help you survive when youre the last one up and need to rez your teamates. As a titan you may be better off with a bubble rather than a sunbreaker (this is debatable). If youre using a sunbreaker, use it to kill waves of adds of course and dont waste hammers on the boss. Of course warlocks should use sunsinger for solar grenades, flame shield and self-revive to save a wipe if needed.

7) Use solar special weapons of course! For the boss fight, a sniper will probably be your best bet. Invective can be effective, but if you get close to solar burn cabal, youre probably dead! When a body shot with a low impact sniper will bring a major down to a sliver of health, there's really no good reason to use a shotgun! So it's recommended to have a sniper rifle over a shotgun for most people. If you have one with surplus, thats a great way to combat juggler! A solar fusion rifle can work reasonably well also.

8) Heavy weapon recommendations: Try super good advice if youre not using a primary or special exotic, otherwise quillum's terminus. SGA can literally shoot its entire reserve ammo with no reload since the TTK update and strikes are a viable place to use it. The crowd control perk is also nice. Dragon's breath is a good choice for a heavy also if youre good with it.

9) Communicate with teamates. Call when adds are spawning. Remind people not to damage the boss while you have a man down. Coordinate your supers, etc.

10) A note on "specialist" - Specialist decreases damage done by all primary and heavy weapons, so keep this in mind. Specialist does not affect the sleeper simulant in a positive way. It used to increase damage of weapons like the vex, universal remote, etc, but it seems that this no longer works since the taken king was released (its not noted in the patch notes anywhere but it was changed anyway). So using the sleeper will not be more effective than other solar heavy weapons. A solar 1KY stare will do more damage on this strike than a sleeper shot.

11) If you're thinking about bringing y1 weapon like the vex or vision of confluence, don't bother. They will do less damage than appropriately leveled non-solar y2 weapons.

12) Safe spot from bosses (but not adds) : There is a small mound on the left side a few wall panels down from where the boss exits. if all teammates are standing on it, the red brother walks around the map and will never target you. blue brother will shoot at you but there is a pillar above you that takes the damage instead. This video where the spot is visually (not my video, no idea what the sound is like)

13) Alternate strategy for killing the fire brother early "At the end when they both emerge from the door, my team had to immediately snipe the red one to death before he could start running around, If we damaged him a bit and then tried to clear adds, he would sneak up behind someone and smash them to a pulp. It was easier for us to just kill him immediately and then clear a double-large wave of adds immediately afterwards before then moving on to blueboy.".This might work well for some teams. Try it if the boss is giving you more trouble than the adds during this part.

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Credits: Special thanks to redka243 for the guide and to TKO Gaming for the video guide.