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Solid Deck with Arena 3-5 and Below Cards in Clash Royale

With this deck, you can defeat level 6 with good arena 4 cards.

Here it is: Prince, Baby Dragon, Barbarians, Archers, Minions, Musketeers, Arrows, Fireball.

This deck is mainly centered around the prince, but many other cards do damage to towers as well. 

Prince: This card obviously packs a punch. It's charge does 2x it's normal damage, and when used effectively with other troops, can deal massive amounts of damage. It's weakness is swarms of troops, huts, or cheap skeletons. Obviously this is a lot of weaknesses. Even a 1 elixir skeleton can get rid of the prince. So this deck revolves around beating these threats to allow your prince to get a charge/attack the opposing tower.

Baby Dragon: This card does splash, flies, and is fairly defensive. You can use it to get rid of hordes of troops, and to add an air dimension to your attack. It can be substituted by some other splash attacking troop, but I like how the baby dragon is an air attacker with more bulk. Musketeers and other spread out troops can take this card out.

Barbarians: Barbarians are fairly bulky, do good damage, and come in a group. These cards are excellent for taking out groups of cheap troops since they can take hits from them, and stronger troops like the Prince and Pekka. You can pair this card with almost any stronger troop to serve as a distraction, or even as a meat shield. Drop them to defend against powerful troops like the Prince, Pekka, or even witch and they will be able to counterattack with 3 barbs still left.

Archers: Archers are a cheap, ranged attacker, that when spread with groups of troops like the musketeer or baby dragon, can deal massive damage. They are also a good distraction to lure away other troops. With the update they will attack faster like the spear goblin.

Minions: To support the Baby Dragon, another air troop is good. Minions are cheap, come in a group, and target ground and air. Great for taking out giants and hogs and good for support behind your meat shields. You can even use minion horde to deal more damage, but this deck prefer minions since they cost less elixir so you can use them without suffering more losses. For me, minions are a cheap and reliable back up troop just incase

Musketeers: A single, powerful ranged attacker. Surprisingly can take out a group of minions and your #1 troop for defending against Baby Dragons. When behind meat shields, they deal devastating damage to towers. Even on their own, if you have one left over after defending, when left undefended, takes away 400-500hp from an opposing tower. If you are a lower arena, there is no replacement for this card. It is vital and is very good on offense as well as defense. It will beat a Baby Dragon.

Arrows: Not much to be said, an excellent card for taking out groups of cheap troops. Great for clearing out troops from the arena to 'reset' your attack. Use it wisely, a player might use groups of many cheap troops like minion horde + spear goblin + goblin been dropped before. This costs 10 elixir. With one arrow (3 elix) you gain a 7 lead. Even arrow vs. minion horde gives you a 2 elixir lead.

Fireball: Similar idea, Fireballs work better for taking out opposing barbarians and musketeers. If you don't have arrows available and are in trouble; fireballs should do the trick. This deck also is weak to some hordes and swarms, so having an extra splash spell is really helpful.

There are many alternatives you can use with this deck. For example, if you don't have the baby dragon, you can add another splash attacker such as the bomber. Also, if you are higher lvl. you could swap something like the fireball for the wizard.

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Credits: Special thanks to Eon26 for this deck guide.