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Skill Bonuses that you might not know of yet in Tom Clancy's: The Division

Here's a list of skill related properties that people don't seem to know about, or just hard numbers compiled by redditor MashpitSquared.

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  • Pulse duration cannot be extended by "Tech Support" talent. This is a confirmed bug that has been addressed by Ubisoft.
  • Pulse master mod will make the skill icon repeatedly flash red if hostiles are nearby, and will flash faster if hostiles are close.
  • Pulse master mod will show white "nodes" in your agent's body if scanned by a neutral pulse and red "nodes" if pulsed by a hostile pulse.
  • In the short time between activating pulse and the interface showing "Threats found: xx", you will deal increased crit damage + have increased crit chance to all targets regardless of whether they're in pulse range. Needs testing to see if this works against agents that are "concealed" from pulse.
  • Pulse tactical scanner will boost damage by about 10%.
  • Pulse's additional crit chance/damage will only apply against enemies that are in the range of the scan. Agents/enemies that are "concealed" or out of range will not suffer from pulse's effect.
  • Pulse cooldown will be much faster if no hostiles/players are detected by the scan.
  • Pulse will automatically expire if you kill all enemies that were within range when pulse was originally used regardless of the remaining duration.
  • Pulse may be able to increase crit chance above 60%, since it is a "debuff" against scanned enemies and not a buff to the agent.
  • Any mod/talent that "pulses" targets seems to boost crit damage by ~15%, and is believed to boost crit chance by 10%. Needs more testing.
First Aid
  • First aid master mod is able to heal the user multiple times. If deployed on the user's location (double tap for PC, single tap for console), it will continually heal anyone in the radius for one second (it will heal twice, generally). If deployed on the floor, it will heal agents every time they exit and enter the heal's radius, and will last much longer. Doing the latter with other agents will proc the triage 15% cooldown reduction every time an ally enters the radius.
  • First aid booster mod will give 15% higher damage and damage resistance for 10 seconds.
Support Station
  • Support station master mod can provide overheal when the support station is manually disabled or destroyed by damage.
  • Support station ammo cache mod will increase skill haste by 50% and signature skill resource gain by 30% as long as you are within its area of effect. Please use ammo cache stations instead of life support stations.
  • All support stations are capable of reviving downed allies, but all support station types other than life support will require the downed member to crawl to the support station itself (being in its area of effect is not enough) and hold down their "use" button to revive themselves. Doing this will also use up a significant chunk of the station's duration.
Sticky Bomb
  • Sticky bomb master mod will still be detected by AI when fired directly on a hostile, but will not be detected if landed in close proximity.
  • Sticky bomb master mod will still be detected by other agents when initially fired, but will quickly "fade" and will be impossible to detect aside from a faint beeping.
  • Sticky bomb flashbang mod will not only blind/deaf targets in the radius, but will also apply disrupt. In PvP, this will scramble the crosshair, making long range combat extremely difficult for affected agents, on top of disabling skill activations and destroying/deactivating the majority of skills already in use. In PvE, this will stop targets from using their "special moves" (ie: throwing nades for grenadiers, deploy turret for engineers) and will limit them to only shooting their primary weapon.
  • Sticky bomb flashbang mod will destroy friendly deployables if they are caught in its area of effect. Take care with the flashbang when there are turrets or seeker mines on the field.
  • Explosive damage, bleed and blind/deaf will not apply through cover/walls, but disrupt will.
  • For some reason, a lot of non-bullet damage in this game counts as "headshots", and explosions will be able to use weapon talents. This means that your explosive and melee damage will be increased while holding a weapon with the "brutal" talent, and setting targets on fire (not a stickybomb thing, but nice to know) will proc coolheaded every time the burning target takes damage. Correction: all DoT damage count as headshot damage, so anything that can apply burn, bleed or shock will proc headshot-related debuffs/buffs. Melee also counts as headshots. Explosives will actually NOT count as headshots.
Deployable Turret
  • The turret is still capable of shooting neutral agents in the DZ, but only when trying to target hostiles that are standing behind a neutral agent. Due to the firing cone of the turret, some bullets will hit the neutral agent even when he/she is not directly in the turret's line of fire, and the turret will not stop firing if the agent is not directly interfering with the line of fire.
  • The zapper mod requires a direct line of sight to the target for a fairly lengthy amount of time and will not, in fact, stun more than one target per shot unless using the fear tactics talent. However, it will never hit neutral agents.
  • The dragonbreath mod... needs more testing.
  • In PvE, "heavy" type enemies (shield icon) are scripted to run to offensive deployable items (turret, seeker mine) and kick it, dealing massive damage and likely destroying it in one shot. However, they can still be afflicted with status effects dealt by the deployable (burn, shock, disorient), and be left vulnerable next to the deployable. Use this information wisely.
Seeker Mine
  • Do NOT deploy the seeker mine directly next to a heavy-type enemy. They have a special attack that can one-shot the mine, and your mine will be destroyed before it could arm itself.
  • Gas charge mod will initially disorient targets near the mine and in a decent radius every time it "explodes", and then create a disorienting smokescreen on its "final" explosion. There appears to be a bug that makes enemies become disoriented when close to the agent that has gas seekers equipped.
Ballistic Shield
  • It's buggy.
  • The shield covers a surprisingly small angle, of about 120 degrees.
  • The shield may not function correctly in PvP.
Smart Cover
  • Smart cover master mod will give the cover boost for 5 seconds after leaving the cover. It will expire immediately if the smart cover is disabled.
  • Smart cover damage boost is capped at 50%. Damage resistance is capped at 75%.
  • Smart cover recharger mod seems to heal about 2% of the agent's health per second, as well as boosting skill haste and signature skill resource gain by 20%. Heal rate may be tied to skill power, needs more testing.
  • Smart cover trapper mod has a very high innate damage boost, and the base value for the damage boost actually exceeds the cap, meaning that it will boost the user's damage by 50% regardless of skill power from about level 20 onwards.
  • Smart cover will immediately expire if the "node" (the thing you slap/shoot onto the cover) is within range of a friendly explosive. This includes seeker mines, sticky nades, all throwable grenades, turret master mod, and, strangely enough, combat medic medkits.
  • Smart cover trapper mod is believed to apply a 20% debuff for damage taken for hostiles using the cover. Needs more testing.
Mobile Cover
  • Mobile cover master mod will grant a 50% damage resistance for 10 seconds when the cover is destroyed.
  • Allies using mobile cover will receive 20% damage resistance and 25% additional blast (explosive) resistance.
  • Players using mobile cover can shoot and destroy the cover themselves.
  • Mobile cover extension mod will NOT boost the amount of damage resisted while using the cover. It can, however, stand up to more direct punishment, but it should be noted that enemies don't seem to shoot the cover directly except for "heavy" (shield icon, Riker/Cleaner/LMB) and "gunnner" (rocket icon, Rioter exclusive) type enemies.
  • Mobile cover blast shield mod... needs more testing as to what determines the amount of damage dealt :c
  • Mobile cover countermeasures mod will boost damage dealt by 10% and crit chance by 10%.
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Source: Reddit