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Possible upcoming Heroes on Seven Knights Global and all other servers [Part 1]

Okay. So, I have been playing Seven Knights for awhile in global server. And, I have been browsing for awhile about new updates for the game in other server but, it seems that there's no info about it yet on Google. So, I downloaded the most updated version of the game, which is Korean server and, it looks like the global server (where I'm playing) and as well as the other server are outdated. There are lots of heroes on the Korean server that has never been seen before and, I will try to give you a glimpse of them here.

Take note that these heroes are now available on Korean server (so obviously, if you're Korean then this is not new to you).

You can see the heroes below but before seeing them, take note that I only included the 6-star and transcended versions of the heroes so that as early as now, we can all start allocating and saving our resources for the hero / heroes that we want in the future. The screenshots will be in no particular order. If you can read Korean then by all means, feel free to contribute with the hero's name or what their abilities do.

Just another thing though. I have no idea yet when will these heroes be release on global and other servers and, these are not the only heroes which will possibly be added on the game. There are more heroes and I will add them soon in this blog when I'm done at work.. :)

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