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Pokken Tournament Quick Punish Guide Primer

In Pokken, there are a number of moves that appear safe or are simply very strong. You need to learn how to punish these if you're going to succeed.

Japanese player @tonosama666 tweeted out a quick "beginner's" 6 minute punish guide featuring a variety of arcade characters.
(we give credit and sources where it's due, around here)

Below are the explained interactions in a chronological order for your viewing pleasure and learning process.


CA = Counter Attack
CADC = Counter Attack Dash Cancel (Exactly the same thing from Street Fighter 4)
#L = Numpad notation 2 is down, 8 is up, 6 is forward, 5 is neutral.  In field phase the numbers represent their direction when you look at it from a bird's eye view. The Letter represents the button pushed.
j. = denotes jumping, or in the air.
TK = Tiger Knee. It means doing an aerial move close the ground (at the basic level. The specific explanation is different and doesn't apply to Pokkén)
Support Canceling (SupC) (SC) = canceling the recovery frames by calling a support pokemon.
Tracking = How well a move "tracks" and stays on target in reference to the opponent's position.
[L] = A letter encased in []'s denotes that you are charging or holding the button.

Pikachu Field 6Y. Block first hit, CADC second.

Pika field j.X punishable on block

Pika Thunderbolt(5A) can be CADC'd or even high profiled with moves such as Lucario Duel 8X

Pika Thunder can be CADC'd and punished. If Pika is in Burst mode CADC or block first hit,  then jump out. You can also dash out of the startup on reaction.

Can crouch under Nuzzle

No version of Bone Rush is safe. Standard, Uppercut, Slam can all be punished. You gotta CA Slam to punish it.

You can high profile Lucario CA with stuff like Pika TK Duel Divekick (Duel j.X).

Showing off some moves don't do chip damage?

Can crouch under Zard Fire Punch

Can crouch under Zard Seismic Toss.

Looks like you can switch between high/low stance very quickly to bait out Fire Punch.

Can focus through all of j.Flare Blitz

Suicune's Counter Attack can be grabbed in Duel Phase by at least Charizard.

Suicune's Counter Attack can be high profiled by moves such as Charizard's drop kick.

Suicune Water Gun done too high (peak of jump) will pass over the pokemon.
...Buuut you can bait out punishes with support canceling, such as Emolga.

You can focus the entirety of Suicune's Blizzard.

Libre counter attack has zero tracking in field phase.

You can focus the entirety of Libre Double Team > Quick Attack

You can low profile Libre's Duel Discharge with moves such as Weavile's ice slide 2X.
...Buuut you can bait that out by canceling it and block > Punish.

You can bait CA punishes on Libre's Double Team by simply canceling it of course.
...Buuut don't run into a meaty strike.

Libre Spark is not safe.

You can nullify Weavile's Field ice crystal traps by shooting them with projectiles. 

Weavile Knock Off is not safe.

Weavile can't Agility cancel 6X on whiff.

Weavile 6X and 6[X] can be high profiled by moves such as Libre's moonsault

Blaziken's Blaze Kick > Flare Blitz uncharged is not safe.
Blaziken's Blaze Kick > Flare Blitz charged is

Gardevoir Duel 8Y has upper body invuln. It beats stuff like Blaziken's Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick, and Brave Bird; all aerial moves.

Blaziken Blaze Kick > Follow up can be punished by blocking the first hit and (what looks like) canceling CA into backdash for invuln, then ducking the last hit.

You can just walk out of non charged Shadow Punch

Gengar's Field 5Y does not interact with other projectiles.

Gengar's Duel 8Y not safe on block.

Gengar can Field Roll away from most things. It removes him from the screen and places him far.

You can focus Gardevoir Field 8Y, but not Field 8[Y]
...Buuut you can just walk away from Field 8[Y].

Gardevoir's Duel Magical Leaf can be focused through.

Chandelure Smog is not safe on block. Moves such as Lucario's Bone Rush can punish.

High stance throw crushes Hex, so does whiffing attacks and such to hard-invoke the rock-paper-scissors system.

Chandelure Overheat on wakeup has armor, but it can be jumped away and punished if "checked" with a quicker attack such as Lucario Duel 2Y.

Chandelure Field j.X is not safe on block.

You can jump out of Chandelure's Pokecombo that ends in Smog.

Machamp Field j.X is not safe on block.

Machamp Counter Attack can be crouched.

Machamp Close Combat(Bulk Up) is not safe on block. You can even CADC the last hit.

Machamp Cross Chop(Bulk Up) can also be crouched.

Machamp SCOOPS is not safe on block. Duel 2XX

Machamp Duel 4XX is not safe on block.

Machamp Pokecombo that ends in Cross Chop can be ducked on reaction but you can try to trick them with a command grab.
...But both situations (Cross Chop or Command Grab) lose to sweeps on reaction.

Sceptile Leech Seed, Bullet Seed, Bush, etc. can be removed by projectiles or strikes of your own.

Sceptile Field 8Y is not safe on block.

Sceptile Giga Drain is a grab like any other. It can be throw crushed.

Sceptile Leaf Blade is not safe on block.

Update: www.twitch.tv/dakanya is translating the entire video to English so you don't have to deal with the roundabout observations above.

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