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New Powerful Deck for Arena 4-6 (Modified for 2+ as well) in Clash Royale

This Deck revolves around the Prince, a strong offensive attacker. The Original Deck requires you to be Arena 4 to acquire all the cards, but I have made modifications for an Arena 2+ player as well.

Deck: Prince, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Barbarians, Freeze, Arrows, Minions, Bomber

Prince: This card obviously packs a punch. It's charge does 2x it's normal damage, and when used effectively with other troops, can deal massive amounts of damage. It's weakness is swarms of troops, huts, or cheap skeletons. Obviously this is a lot of weaknesses. Even a 1 elixir skeleton can get rid of the prince. So this deck revolves around beating these threats to allow your prince to get a charge/attack the opposing tower. This deck was added better support to assist the prince in his endeavor.

Baby Dragon: A bulky, splash damaging, and flying troop. An excellent combo. Great for taking out hordes of cheap troops. You can pair this with a prince. Watch out for Musketeers/ Spread out air troops.

Barbarians: Barbarians are fairly bulky, do good damage, and come in a group. These cards are excellent for taking out groups of cheap troops since they can take hits from them, and stronger troops like the Prince and Pekka. You can pair this card with almost any stronger troop to serve as a distraction, or even as a meat shield. Drop them to defend against powerful troops like the Prince, Pekka, or even witch and they will be able to counterattack with 3 barbs still left.

Freeze: This card can be used offensively or defensively. While attacking, you can place this down on an arena tower and/or enemy troops to allow your prince to charge in offensively or to stall opponents troops so your arena tower can take it out. Use this card offensively. ALTERNATIVE-Zap/Lightning- Lightning is great for Lower Arenas since they have access to the card an can use it to destroy clumps of small troops/ hut spammers to allow their prince to come in, Zap also does good damage and gives a good stun to enemy troops, great for stopping Princes or allowing your troops to come in closer.

Arrows: A cheap and powerful card. This card is the best for taking out Minion Hordes or groups of cheap troops. Place this right and you can gain huge elixir advantages.

Minions: A cheap and powerful troop for taking out hogs/barbs/princes. Great support behind meat shields or even when paired with the Baby Dragon. These guys are a cheap answer to a ground attack. ALTERNATIVE-Minion Horde/Skeletons/Poison Spell/Goblins. The minion horde may be strong but, the minions are cheaper they can serve as backup card. Skeletons also can be used to cheaply stop princes and hogs. Poison is also good if you are getting pushed by swarms of troops. You can lay down the poison spell (on attack or defense) and kill many cheap troops. 

Bomber: Bombers are really cheap and when behind something like a prince/barbs, can do devastating damage to groups of troops. You can place your prince with this guy and as the prince runs into goblins or skeletons, this bomber destroys them. ALTERNATIVE- Wizard (Arena 5)- Can target air troops and assist your baby dragon or, it can be a good counter against baby dragon.

Musketeer: A Destructive, single target attacker. This troop can take out opposing baby dragons and when behind meat shields that do splash can destroy opposing troops. This card 1 shots many cheap troop like goblins and even when your army is gone, you can count on it to do 400-500 damage on an opposing arena tower. ALTERNATIVE-Archers/Inferno Tower: If you have the wizard, you can destroy the baby dragon with some support. You can swap the archers to decrease avg. elixir and to become a good distraction for prince. Spear Goblins should work too. Inferno towers are an equally good choice. You'll find them useful to distract other troops and take out powerful troops like hogs, giants, or prince.

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