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New Call of Duty title to be named as "Bloodlines, and will be available on Nintendo NX?

With the developers at Infinity Ward and publisher Activision unwilling to offer any kind of information about the new Call of Duty that will be launched during 2016, there's plenty of space for rumors and speculation about the title, which might be called Bloodlines.

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The information comes from a source familiar with the development process quoted by DualPixels that also explains that the two companies are planning to deliver the first-person shooter on the long-awaited NX home console from the NX.

There are no new details about the narrative that Infinity Ward plans to explore or about the unique mechanics that they are creating for the title, and it's unlikely that any official info will be offered before the E3 2016 event in June.

The source also claims that Skylanders will be launched on the NX, which makes sense given the fact that this is a video game that makes heavy use of toys and needs as large of a potential audience as possible and apparently the Nintendo platform is also considered for the Destiny sequel that's expected to land in 2017.

The rumor's credibility suffers because it also mentioned a Spider-Man video game from Activision, which is certainly a possibility, but the subtitle The First Avenger does not make too much sense, and it's unclear how such a video game will be linked to the wider comic book-based movie universe.

Infinity Ward and Activision have said that they want to make the new title in the series one of the most engaging in the series, but at the moment, the two companies are not talking about it because they want fans to remain engaged with Black Ops 3.

The game has already received a downloadable content pack called Awakening and three more are planned for this year, all of them set to deliver four new maps for the competitive side of the multiplayer and a new episode of the cooperative zombie campaign.

Activision says Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been the biggest video game launch of last year, and they are aiming to make the 2016 instalment equally successful.

Nintendo has also failed to make an official announcement about the NX, but rumors are saying that the platform will arrive before the end of the year, with the company expecting to move as many as 12 million units to gamers during its current fiscal year.

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Source: Dualpixels