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Is Destiny's matchmaking broken?

Destiny’s matchmaking system continues to be a sore spot for many of the game’s remaining players. The skill-based matchmaking introduced last December has drawn the ire of the community, with many claiming that the system does nothing but force players into games with subpar latency. On the official Destiny Subreddit, fans have engaged in a lengthy debate regarding the system’s missteps and what Bungie can do to rectify the situation.

How to Fix Destiny Matchmaking

“SBMM [Skill Based Matchmaking] is a failure. It forces your best players, the ones who keep coming back and logging hours, into playing laggy sweat-fests that remove all fun from the game,” said thread starter u/Mercules904.

He believes that if Bungie is truly determined to make skill a criteria when teaming players up, then the developer should introduce ranked or competitive lobbies. This way, players who want to test themselves against the best of the best can queue there, while those who simply want a game with stable latency can join casual playlists that prioritize connections first.

Last week, Bungie attempted to introduce a connection-based matchmaking system during the Iron Banner PVP event, but that to was met with heavy criticism from fans. Players are urging the developer to stop tinkering with the system, suggesting that a return to the matchmaking used in the House of Wolves expansion would be the best course of action.

Redditor u/Kor_of_Memory explains the situation perfectly. “Imagine Bungie had a sprinkler for their lawn, and in an effort to water more of their lawn with the 1 sprinkler, they move the sprinkler. Turns out, less of the lawn is getting water. Rather than move the sprinkler back, or somewhere in between the first two places, Bungie starts investigating into Water pressure, hose girth, and the angle of the arc of water. Just move the damn sprinkler back,” he said.

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