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How to get 80-90% accuracy on your Classic M1A Marksman Rifle in Tom Clancy's: The Division

There have been a lot of agents lately saying that the Classic M1A Marksman Rifle is one of the top guns in Tom Clancy's: The Division. In fact, it is one of the best in terms of accuracy and getting those kills from afar. However most of the time, many agents are having  troubles using this gun.. You wanna know why? Simple because they don't know how to use it to it's maximum potential.

Aside from your own skill using this weapon, you should know the proper mods for this weapon to make it better. So, in this page, you will learn some tips on how to properly MOD a Classic M1A Marksman Rifle and gain a full rate of fire and hit about 80-90% headshot accuracy. 

In the video below, you'll learn how to maximize your headshot chance using a marksman rifle:

Key points:

Balanced Talent is Key Cant stress this one enough- if you have this talent on an M1A, you've already won. You actually dont need any more accuracy after that point as this talent carries you extremely far with the natural high accuracy of the M1A.

Mod for Stability and Horizontal Stability This is the key right here- max these two stats. It might be tempting to go for other stats like crit/crit hit dmg on your muzzle, but you really are only short-changing yourself in the long run. With the Balanced talent and these mods, you're already on your way to being about 70% headshot accurate. 

Quick note: Ignore Initial Bullet Stability, since you are going to want to maintain very high rates of fire with this set up.

Take the 'Steady Hands' talent in the security tree This talent gives you bonus stability for 10 seconds when you take cover. With this, hitting headshots at 80-90% accuracy is extremely simple, even when firing at your max rate of fire. This talent accounts for a HUGE portion of my DPS. Further, you can actually 'cycle' it, meaning you can actually let it wear off, stand up for a second and then get straight back into cover to re-acquire the buff immediately. 

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Credits: Special thanks to Skill Up for the video and guide.