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How to farm High-End Gears & Phoenix Credits without grinding that much in Tom Clancy's: The Division

In every MMO game there's Loot and every games that has loot, there will always be ways to farm that loot without much grinding!

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In the Division, some players had already found a way to farm solid gears from the game and most of all, farm the valuable Phoenix Credits without exerting that much effort.

So, here's how to do it:

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First, you'll need to go to Autumn's Hope safe house located in the northwest of the map next to the Dark Zone. 

Once you're in the safehouse, head right.

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And then when you arrived at the street, take the left route.

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Take note that you should equip your pulse radar ability and ping the area to locate a group of four enemies, These enemies will likely be standing near an intersection ahead of you.

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That four enemies will be the key to farming solid gears and Phoenix Credits. The method is that once you've encountered them, finish off their boss named "The Bullet King" (the one with the yellow bar) but never touch his accomplice or minions or that three hoodlums his with. If you get lucky, he'll drop a purple gear and most of all Phoenix Credits! In addition, there has been players saying that it also drop high-end gears.

Important Notes: So why you should not kill his three accomplice? Because when you do, "The Bullet King" will not respawn for you. 

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Once you've killed the boss, grab the loot and then you can just let his minion kill you or, you can head back to the safehouse and just wait for the scenario to reset. What I mean here is that, you'll just wait until a certain time, to let the boss respawn...After that rinse and repeat the process until you are satisfied!

Additional Notes: Should include a warning that if you ever at some point kill the Bullet King and ALL of his entourage in one engagement, he will never respawn for you again. This currently applies to all Named enemy elite spawns outside the dark zone.

For those who are asking if this method is faster than farming Phoenix Credit in Lexington, yes this is soo much easier and faster! Lexington farming takes an hour to get 30 pc but with this, it just take minutes to do so plus, it has a guaranteed high-end gear at the end!

Lastly, I would like to give once last piece of advice. Now, I've been playing MMO games for almost a decade. From WoW to every other famed MMO's out there and from what I've notice, developers have the knack on hating these kind of methods. Well, I don't know about Ubi but, most of the time, these kind of methods are taken down as they are considered exploits in the game. So basically, don't rely that this method will be there forever in The Division. So, it would be wise to start farming now!

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Source: Kotaku