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How to Clear Castle Rush Everytime in Seven Knights Guide [Android/iOs]

Castle Rush (CR for short) or Siege is a mode where you fight against one of the Seven Knights corresponding to what day of the week it is. It is unlocked once you reach level 8. The goal is to obtain as much points as possible. Similar to Raid, as turns pass, the 7k gets stronger. Their HP also decreases depending on how much time is left before CR resets. And you cannot kill the 7k. 

So why do Castle Rush? Simple. You have a chance to get a 7k from S rank tier chest. Even if you don't get 7k, it is free rewards just for hitting. Also Castle points can be used to purchase heroes and elements at shop. Easy enough right? 

WARNING- KR(Korean) 7k DOES NOT ALLOW ASSISTS TO BE USED IN CASTLE SIEGE AND ONLY ONE ENTRY IS PERMITTED. This means you better have your CR team ready before then. 

-Also, do NOT try normal siege, even if you think you are ready for it. Because you aren't. 
So unless your guild can hit 50mil+ on easy, do not attempt normal. *Unless you want that 10k hit from Jupy to turn into 1k be my guest. 

[Seven Knights]

Monday - Rudy 
Counter - Karon, Sieg, Heavenia, Rudy, Joker
Rudy is the obnoxious knight that you deal no damage to because of his defense preparation. A no brainer is you need a hero that can remove buffs. Also, keep in mind that his buff is an active and not passive and therefore can be removed by Ariel and Ace. You need Karon and Sieg for stun resist. 

Tuesday - Eileene 
Counter - Victoria
Previously one of the easiest 7k to stomp, is now an irritating little pest. Normally, Victoria would be her counter as she gets buffed with electrify resist, however the buff has yet to be implemented. For now, stick with heroes that can remove status ailments such as Lucy and Sarah. *As of the 12/30 update, Victoria has been buffed with electrify resist! Woohoo! Now I'll finally be able to score some decent points... 

Wednesday - Rachel 
Counter - Gongmyeong (Unreleased)
Easy 7k to score high points on now that her stat debuffs are in one skill. Just use whatever units that can increase damage output.

Thursday - Dellons 
Counter - Yui 
If you don't have Yui, his silence will be the end of you.

Friday - Jave 
Counter - 
Jave is probably the easiest 7k now that he no longer reduces DEF by 50% and burn is countered by Lina's heal. Use the same team against Rachel for Jave. Damage output will be top priority. 

Saturday - Spike 
Counter - Rania
Ironically, you use his mother to counter him. Similar setup as Dellons.

Sunday - Kris 
Counter - Leo, Karin 
Same situation as Eileene. Leo and Karin have yet to be buffed with death resist. *Update, only Leo and Karin's 6* forms have death resist. 

[Recommended Heroes]

Rachel - The MAIN unit you will be using in Castle Rush because of her damage and defense reduction skill. ALWAYS BRING HER. 
Equip her with 2x Critical weapons and 2x Block or (1x Block, 1x HP)


Shane/Sein - 250% Single Target Ability . Recommended DPS unit as she requires less attention than Jupy.

Equip with 2x Lethal or 1x Speed 1x Lethal and 2x Counter

Jupy - 230% Single Target, Massive boost to Lethal/Crit chance for 2 Turns. Turns into 230% single target active during buff duration. *Her sniping stance also removes status ailments and stat debuffs.
Equip with 2x Critical or 1x Speed 1x Critical and 2x Counter

*Dellons - Equip with 2x Speed and 2x Counter.

OMAIGOD? DELLONS AS BACKLINE?!!?! Yes. However, do not use Dellons as BL just yet. Another batch of 7k buffs are coming soon and he recieves 50% DMG boost from 25% and CD reduction by 10 on speed and counter attack. I'd still recommend you to stick with Jupy or Shane though, they are relatively stronger with awakenings.

Front Liners
Ace - Recommended due to his ability to increase DMG taken by target and DPS sub. (Stacks with Rachel)
2x Speed, 2x HP

Lina - Amazing heal and DMG buff. However, not recommended currently on 7k that inflict status ailments.
2x Lethal or Critical(Doesn't matter much) 2x Block or (1x Block 1x HP)

May - Amazing 50% physical damage down passive and another 40% physical damage reduction on her AoE. 
2x Speed 2x Block or HP *She can be replaced by counters if you want Lina to stay in the team. Not recommended to do currently so as you are more susceptible to damage. 

Spike - Universal counter with his status immunity to all allies.
2x Speed, 2x HP

Eileene - Same as Ace except 60% physical DMG up for allies.
2x Speed, 2x HP 

Lucy - Unit for beginners, not recommended to use when buffs to Victoria, Karin and Leo are implemented.
2x Speed 2x Block

Karon - Stun resist. Can be replaced by Sieg.
Same as Lina

Karin - Only needed for her death resist passive once she gets buffed.
Same as Lina

Rudy - Good DEF passive and debuff remover. 
2x Speed 2x Counter

Sieg - Gets buffed later with CD reduction on speed and counter, similar to Dellons. 200% hit will also reduce DEF and 600% attack with always be critical. 
2x Lethal or 1x Speed 1x Lethal, 2x Counter

[Formation & Masteries]

1:4 is the recommended formation as it allows the BL to deal maximum damage with 100% ATK boost at level 40. It also gives 10% DEF to the Front liners allowing them more survivability. Starting off with 4:1 is better for beginners until you get a DPS unit to 6*. 

Lv. 10 - Allies physical/magic ATK up 5% - Maximum damage output is your goal, however you may pick the other if you are dying too fast. OR when you are trying to commit suicide on normal mode. 

Lv. 15 - Allies Critical Rate up 10% - Same as Lv.10

Lv. 20 - Allies Counter Rate up 10% - Prolong turns for skills 

Lv. 25 - Allies Heal efficiency up 10% - ...Well...

Lv. 30 - Allies Speed up 10 - Higher speed increases chances of Speed Attacks and will prolong turns similar to counter. 

Lv 35 - Allies physical/magic ATK up 10% - Same as Lv.10

Lv.40 - Allies skill up dmg 10% - You don't need a reason why right? 

Lv. 45 - ...I'm not even going to

Lv. 50 - Enemies block chance down 20% - Same as Lv.10

Lv. 55 - Enemies Lethal ATK down 20% - As annoying as counter is, it assists to prolong the turn count and allow skills to come off cooldown. 

Lv. 60 - Enemies heal effiency down 20% - ............

Lv. 65 - Allies Critical DMG up 20% - If you pick decrease HP I will send you to a mental asylum. 

Lv. 70 - Enemies DEF down 20% - Same as Lv.10

Lv. 75 - Allies DMG up 20% - It may cost 800 rubies, but it's mega worth. 

[Team Setup] 

BL - Shane/Jupy
FL - Rachel, Eileene, Lina, Ace 
Swap Lina/Ace for counter if needed.

BL - Shane/Jupy
FL - Rachel, Eileene, Lina, May
Swap Lina for counter. 

Stage 1 - 
Leave empty hero slot for assist if needed. 
Turn off Auto Skill and Summon Assist. Let auto attacks kill rook and chancellor.

Stage 2 - 
Set up buffs during this stage. Ex - Lina's Warmth Echo, Jupy's Sniping Stance. 
Kill Rook/Chancellor with auto attacks.
Boss -
Use Rachel's blaze. OR use AoE and kill Rook/Chancellor if you are not confident Blaze will hit the 7k.
Apply Debuffs and then spam DPS skills. 

Prioritize transcending the DPS unit. This is crucial for damage.
Bringing DPS assist unit is not recommended as the damage from assist is severely reduced compared to your own DPS. *Possibly due to masteries
Prioritize masteries as well. Hero pulls can wait. 
*The 7k will start to kill your units once the 10th turn hits. 

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